10 Days into taking superfood Spirulina

Have you tried the superfood algae called Spirulina? Read my user experience of the health benefits and side effects of Spirulina with a bonus spirulina mango smoothie recipe.

Turmeric Cooked Pickle Style

A pickle like quick and easy recipe of cooking raw turmeric rhizomes that makes a pickle like side dish that's sure to win hearts of all age groups.

Gajar Ka Halwa

Authentic, tasty and time-tested home-cooked gajar ka halwa recipe that is sure to win hearts in every bite. Read the detailed recipe here.

Singaporean Chicken Fried Rice

It was the year when my favorite TV show Masterchef Australia had made a debut. My all-time favorite contestant Poh had pushed my interest in South Asian foods to a whole new level. Following the recipes she created in Masterchef Australia (which are available on the official website) and also on her show Poh’s Kitchen, I learnt to …

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