Blurred Boundaries

I have been working on self-awareness to resolve the key issues plaguing my life. While I succeeded to some extent in getting an insight into their root causes and triggers, there is something that has been undermining all my efforts. After much struggle and facing constant failures, I taught myself the art of being a …

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Why (and how) I Stopped Taking Things Personally

Do you take things personally? I always have. That's why when I stopped taking things personally, I took a leap in personal growth. I stopped blaming other people for my unhappiness, built a life on self-awareness that's happy, peaceful & mindful. Read the full article to learn the steps to be in better control of your life & the goodness this approach brings.

Why Self-Care Doesn’t Come Naturally To Me (and probably to you too)

Writing about self-care is as difficult to me as has been embracing it in my life. The reason being, what should come naturally to all living beings, the act(s) of self-preservation that is, wasn't introduced in my life until recently. Let me begin by dispelling a myth that's pretty rampant in my part of the …

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Finding Love, Again!

Everyone has a different way of dealing with a heartbreak. Beyond the pain, the crisis it stirs up lie the questions that make it so hard to come to terms with the loss of love. What did I do wrong? Will I be able to survive this? Will I ever be able to love again? …

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