Make honesty your policy 

How important is honesty in relationships? Here's how I'm teaching my child to value honesty in relationships to lead a happy life.

Let’s Talk

My darling Pari, I know its been forever since I wrote a letter to you, but between a mum and child it's never too late to bond all over again over  a new medium. So here I am pouring my heart in words. Putting down another wish, I would love to see come true. Talking, …

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Gifts for my baby

Are you looking for the best gifts for your child? Here are the gifts every parent must gift their child. The gifts that'll make their lives happier.

It’s not about you

My darling Pari, I am sorry for writing to you after a very long break. The good news is, that all this while I have been busy having fun with you. Seeing you grow up, cherishing every moment of your mischief and learning to be a better parent with each lesson. It's amazing how nature …

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A no is a no

My darling Pari, These days the one word I find myself saying non-stop is NO. Even though my saying a no never bothers you, but still, I try my best to tell you that you need to stop your mischief right when I say so. I try modulating my tone to the nature of your …

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