Let’s Talk

My darling Pari,

I know its been forever since I wrote a letter to you, but between a mum and child it’s never too late to bond all over again over  a new medium. So here I am pouring my heart in words. Putting down another wish, I would love to see come true.

Talking, communicating, sharing, understanding each other’s point of view and the like, holds a very special place in my life. I like it most when someone decides to ‘talk to me’. Is ready to ‘hear me out,’ before we plunge to judging, letting assumptions grow over our mind.

We so often wish to realize our un-fulfilled dreams in our children. This perhaps is one of them in my case. I have always longed for my mother to sit and talk to me. Randomly, vaguely, generally, casually, making me feel so comfortable that I let loose the secrets I hold within. So that I never feel hesitant in sharing all the good, bad and sometimes pointless events of my life with her. Somehow, such a moment has never arrived in my life.

No, I won’t blame life or its fast pace for this. Because, deep down in my heart, I have full realization that this is more an issue of social conditioning and temperamental differences between mum (or say mum and dad both) and me. We don’t share the same view of life. My parents are of the opinion that kids are born to listen and parents were created to discipline them, keeping the reigns of life tight in their grip so that children are given no opportunity to go stray (in casual terms we may label this as being ‘control freaks’).

Anyway, let’s end the digression here and let’s talk about you and me. I want to gift you a comfort zone, where we exist as friends and cease to be a parent and a child.

I want to talk my heart to you. Talk about the big issues, small issues, my history, my dreams, our future together, your views, your opinions, your beliefs, your points of view and so much more on a daily basis. We might not have the luxury of free time, but I know, if we want to talk we can do it even while running the chores, working on the Internet, sorting out the laundry or anything for that matter.

Pari, I wish to connect with you, from the heart. Be a part of your life, the way you see it. Not in the capacity of a mother or a parent but as someone who loves you more than herself. I know, you’ll read this letter many years from today, but, I have already started working on this dream of mine from the day you were born.

Ever since, we’ve started talking about all in our hearts, I feel we have bonded at a whole new level. Our hearts feel united by the bond of understanding. The joy of having found a friend whom we know will hear us out even when we haven’t been at our best behavior.

I believe, if silence is golden, speech is platinum because it dispels the cobwebs of our hearts.

I promise to listen to all you have to say, whether I agree to it or disagree. I will always respect your right of being an independent individual even while you are a minor, because for me, you are my best friend.

With lots of love and blessings,


The song on my mind: Raat akeli hai bujh gaye diye ~ Jewel Thief


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