The question hour of my life

I have missed recording Pari’s milestones for almost 15 months. But no more. I am going to pen down as much I can recall, while trying my best to make short notes/posts of our day to day life. I want to draw these precious moments in words on my blog like I had always intended to.

At three years and a handful months, Pari is in the phase when her curiosity has bonded with the desire to ask questions. I am the most frequent target of the the AK-57 of questions that she fires at me.

Given her age, these questions are pretty much general, based strictly on the events happening at the very moment. Like, “Mom where is the dog going?” “Why isn’t Doremon on air when I want to watch it?” “Why do I need to wear the same clothes to school daily?” you get the drift.

But the fun starts when she sticks to one question, asking repeatedly for longer than 15 minutes, expecting a new reply every single time. The most trying bit is her insistence to add to the information every single time I reply.

Imagine us driving back home from school,
Pari: “Mom where are we going?”
Me : “We are going back home”
Pari: “Mom where are we going?”
Me:”The school time is over dear, that’s why we are going back home”
Pari: “Mom where are you taking me?”
Me: No reply
Pari: “Mom tell me no, where are you taking me? Are we going for shopping”
Me: “No sweetie we aren’t going to the market”
Pari: “Then why are you not telling me where are we going?”
Me: “We are going home darling.”
Pari: “Are we going to the mall?”
Me: No Reply
Pari: “Mom why are you not replying to me? Are you angry with me?”
Me: “No dear”
Pari: “Then tell me no mummy, where are we going?”

This continues for the entire time till she steps inside home.

It is usually fun, cause she hasn’t yet started asking me the ‘difficult’ questions about our life. But still, even such naive questions can get difficult to answer when my mind is pre-occupied.

There are days when I am pressed for time, have work commitments, deadlines to meet, pile of chores waiting for me or simply the havoc my hormones are creating in my life. These are the times when I get bugged, though I try my best to control my urge to ask her to sit quietly or try my best to distract her to something more interesting, like a story book, play dough, color book or something similar.

While I might come across as a rude mother, I have to admit, my patience levels are finite and yes I am pretty bad at handling stress. I don’t like to upset my chirpy little darling, but being able to spare time to be with her all the time isn’t practically possible either. I think this is where the juggling of life to balance parenting with life in general steps in.

While Pari is learning about life and its ways by asking questions, I am learning by finding answers while looking at life from a fresh perspective. The realization of how, we live midst a million simple things that make up life rather than what we adults blame life to be has been quite a life changing awareness for me.

The reality is, by answering Pari’s innocent queries, I am learning about life from the scratch. This new view of life is fresh, clean, simple and full of hope that everything is possible. Just like magic.

My state when Pari fires questions at me non-stop :

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