The India I Love

I have read many books by Ruskin Bond lately as part of my venture of reading many books by one author. I picked this one to get a view of our motherland from Ruskin Bond's point of view. Though the book is beyond what the title seems to promise. The book is a collection of … Continue reading The India I Love

School Times

Ever since Pari stepped in school, I have been interested in reading a lot of books talking about school life to get an insight of what all goes on in the minds of young children at school, the various challenges they face and how they hope to alter their outcome. I know, I have my … Continue reading School Times

My Favorite Nature Stories

These days I'm in the middle of reading books by Ruskin Bond and I will be reviewing as many I can to share the joy I've experienced. I am a nature lover, I love spending time watching the birds, bugs, bees, leaves, clouds and the swaying trees without worrying about the time. Having grown up … Continue reading My Favorite Nature Stories

The Story of Hanuman & Ganesh

This summer, I brought home a number of books to enjoy with Pari as we tried to beat the heat, staying indoors. The one thing I particularly look out for while picking books for my 4-year-old are the illustrations. Besides, their known goodness in helping the child grasp the story better, Pari loves flipping through … Continue reading The Story of Hanuman & Ganesh


The alarming rise in 'teen' crimes have encouraged me to look at my role as a parent in a new light. There is no denying that prevention and awareness are only sure ways to keep our children safe. But over-protecting our children or forcing them to stay away from the world is no way going … Continue reading Gumrah

Parenting in the age of Mc Donald’s

If you were to visit my home at meal times, you'd sense tension in the air. It's nothing short of a war-zone with the parent in me trying hard to feed my child. Mind you, we are aiming to feed a few morsels and not platefuls of food. Pari can be seen armed with a … Continue reading Parenting in the age of Mc Donald’s

The Dark Side of light

Title –  The Dark Side of Light Author – Sanil Sachar Publisher – Rupa Publications Genre – Fiction Pages – 268 Price – INR 350 ISBN – 978-81-291-3976-4 Blurb on the Book - The Dark Side of Light, Sanil Sachar’s second book, promises a unique literary experience for readers, with its combination of short stories, poems and plays, vignettes of romance, … Continue reading The Dark Side of light

In Other Words

"I feel a connection and at the same time a detachment. A closeness and at the same time a distance. What I feel is something physical, inexplicable. It stirs an indiscreet, absurd longing. An exquisite tension. Love at first sight." The above excerpt from 'In Other Words' best describes my initial thoughts on the book. … Continue reading In Other Words