Memories of Fire by Ashok Chopra

In the New Year, I am aiming to experiment with reading new genres. Especially the ones I have been wary of reading. Historical fiction and politics being two main of the lot. This was why when I chanced upon 'Memories of Fire' by Ashok Chopra, I decided to give it a read despite a mention …

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The Nine-Chambered Heart by Janice Pariat

I usually shy away from reading romantic fiction, a genre I once read the most. But when I chanced upon this beautiful book with an interesting synopsis, I couldn't stop myself from picking it. The book summary reads; Nine characters recall their relationship with a young woman – the same woman – whom they have …

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My Daughter’s Mum: Essays by Natasha Badhwar

A detailed book review of My Daughter's Mum by Natasha Badhwar. A poignant book on parenting that isn't limited to parenthood.

Letting Go #BookTalk

I spent the whole of 2016 reading more and more of non-fiction books after I'd noted the drift in my reading preferences. While I was doing well on the reading front, I was constantly curious why an increasing number of book critics and the people whom I look up to for reading recommendations were constantly …

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The Golden House by Salman Rushdie

In my earlier attempts to read books written by Salman Rushdie, I ended up feeling exhausted by the over-written prose. Since it has been long since I last read any of his works, I had been looking forward to his latest release, The Golden House. The book promised to be Rushdie's return to realism with …

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