Sneak Peek

My stress levels are back to their peak values. I am not even going to begin worrying about the cause for it, for the list has only grown longer each time I sat to count the issues in my life. That brought me to jot down a point I strongly believe in. I dislike the idea of …

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I have been told so, on many occasions. By my colleagues, my bosses, my classmates and even my professors. While my superiors always found me the most sincere of the lot, someone who never lost focus of her aim in life, my colleagues and friends on their first impression always find me 'serious'. "Are you …

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Why I blog about my personal life

I started a personal life blog to get a bird's eye view of my life & it has been the best decision of my life. Here I share my experiences & learnings to help you decide why a personal blog is an asset every blogger needs.

Celebrating the human in me

I started this post with the thought of writing on why do I celebrate myself, but then I decided to give myself some time to think whether I actually celebrate myself. The topic made me get confused for a while. I had no clue what to put in words about myself for I personally feel celebrating …

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Anger and me

My relationship with anger is several generations old. I inherited the gene for being hot, short, tempered from both my parents. The outcome wasn't a hot chick but a girl with a temper not measurable by any meter. Anger is one letter short of danger. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt The tradition of being short-tempered runs on my …

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