Sneak Peek

  1. My stress levels are back to their peak values. I am not even going to begin worrying about the cause for it, for the list has only grown longer each time I sat to count the issues in my life.
  2. That brought me to jot down a point I strongly believe in. I dislike the idea of addressing one’s children/ kids as issues. They didn’t happen on their own, it was our free will to bring them in this big, wide world. They aren’t miniature adults but individuals in their own stride.
  3. I strongly dislike using the word ‘hate’. I very often (almost 100% times) use dislike instead. No, I do not believe in the famous belief, that hate denotes that you once loved the thing/ person in question.
  4. Food has been constantly failing to lift up my spirits. This weekend I spent a lot of time preparing delicacies that were a huge hit. Despite the success, I wasn’t even motivated enough to click pictures, even though that all of them were recipes I have never written about.
  5. While talking of food, the aroma of mutton marinated in fresh coriander and mint leaves used in the Hyderabadi Mutton Biryani (that I made this weekend) is still lingering in my mind.
  6. From aroma I recalled about my sense of smell. I possess a very strong sense of smell. You can call it next to dog and shark. I can smell food and tell all of its aromatic ingredients (even whether the salt is optimum or not). Though, this gift has taken a serious twist from the day I became a mother. The strong sense of smell irritates me to limits beyond explanation when I can smell soiled diapers from a distance.
  7. I have been wanting to write on Sugar from a long time. I know it sounds an unusual topic, but I have had very strong ties with it from a long time. Hoping to do a post on it someday soon.
  8. I am a tea lover. My love entailed only one cup of ginger-masala-chai a day. Due to severe problems of acid reflux during my pregnancy, I didn’t drink any tea or coffee for the whole term (though there were countless other things that I had to abstain from including salt due to high blood pressure and other complications). I resumed drinking a tea a few months back and have given up again. It feels good to be not-addicted to any beverage.
  9. I am a big fan of the movie Ijaazat from the time I was a teenager. There is something so magical about the movie besides the beautiful songs and very touching dialogues that I have always felt a connection to the movie. If you’ve seen the movie, you’ll be amazed at the fact how strangely my current life actually has shades of the script of the movie.
  10. Let me end this list of random facts with a little exercise for you. Can you touch your nose with your tongue? I can.

The song on my mind: Qatra qatra milti hai ~ Ijazat

30 thoughts on “Sneak Peek

  1. Soon everything will be alright darling . Hugs!
    I know a friend who also has a strong sense of smell. He can just smell the boiling rasam/sambhar and tell if salt is less. I can’t tell even after finishing the whole plate!!

    Waiting for your post on sugar!! 😀

    I love tea, ginger tea, masala tea, normal tea 🙂

    I can’t touch.I have tried many times 😛


  2. ME ME ME.. I really missed reading your posts for the past five days! coming to this post –

    1. All I can stay is… take care. I will keep you in my prayers.
    2. Rightly said. kids cant be held as a reason to our problems.
    3. Yes, I have never seen you use it. Note to self: Try to incorporate this.
    4. I hope its really a phase ME. We cant miss recipes from a chef like you.
    5. I have no idea how it feels.. from what you have written, it should be really good and glad you are drowned into that aroma 🙂
    6. I have very strong sense of smell too and cant stand certain smells even if they are no way near me. I will also have a very strong feel of nausea 😦 Traveling in public transport is so so difficult for me, though I have only been using it from the time I can remember.
    7. Sugar? I will wait for it, I have a connection to it too 🙂
    8. I was never addicted to tea/coffee until I came up to Bangalore. skipping melas meant, I needed something else to recharge my body and coffee it was. Though I am not addicted, I drink it these days.
    9. neverwatched this movie. I should catch it up sometime.
    10. ME.. that is amazing!! I could never do it? how is it possible for you eh? *if you dont mind sharing the secret 😛 *


    1. Sorry to keep you waiting for my posts, you’ll soon learn the reason behind the delay 🙂
      Same pinch on a strong sense of smell 🙂
      #10 no secret GB, it’s just that I have a very long nose and a big tongue that makes it possible 😛 😉
      Thank you darling for keeping me in your prayers, they mean a lot to me at this time.


  3. #1 – Watch Hera Pheri and Golmaal, it will help 🙂

    #2 and #3 – same pinch 😀

    #4 – at least name them? 🙂

    #5 – 😀

    # 6 – You can easily pass the elimination round of Masterchef India 😉

    #7 – waiting for the same 🙂

    #8 – shabaash

    #9 – aisa kya *off to visit its wiki* 😉

    #10 – no 😛


    1. You are too generous with your compliments Visha…thank you sweetie 😀
      As far names, one that I already mentioned was Hyderabadi mutton biryani and rest I’ll let the suspense prevail till I post about them :mrgreen: :mrgreen:


  4. I cannot touch my nose with my tongue but I’ve seen my mother do it. She makes it look so easy 😦

    Do write your post on sugar 🙂 Would love to read it.


  5. that happens every time i try to think of a problem and start numbering it, it becomes a never ending list.. :P.. so instead i started numbering the good things happening.. tea.. i left long back when i became pregnant, and still sticking on to sugarless milk..
    hmmm i cant touch my nose with my tongue.. but i can touch somebody else nose with my tongue. 🙂


  6. I used to think I was addicted to tea, later realized I was in fact addicted to the sugar in the tea. Speaking of which, cant wait to read your ‘Sugar Post’ as my relationship with sugar also goes a loong way


  7. Dearest Era,


    Ijaazat is my fave movie too. I don’t know, even though it makes me sad… but I like it..especially the song….”mera kuch saaman…” and ofcourse the katra katra song… such soulful tunes…

    And yes, I love much so that…now I just can’t give up… even though I wish to…

    Waiting for your post on Sugar… 🙂

    Much Love,


  8. 1. Sorry to know about that. Hope you feel better soon.
    2. Agree 100% with you on that. I dislike the term ‘issues’ for children. If they are such big ‘issues’, why willingly choose to bring them into the world?
    3. I sometimes use the word ‘hate’. Hadn’t thought of it that way before. Thanks for opening up a new dimension of thought for me.
    4. Please don’t deprive us foodies of your great recipes and pics. 😦 BTW would you know how to make Kashmiri Dum Aloo? I ate it at Kashmir and loved it. Tried it at home, but it turned out to be a disaster. Is there a simple recipe for it?
    5. I am a veggie, so don’t know how mutton marinated in mint smells like. However, I do love the smell of mint. I love the way my hands smell of mint for a long time after I have used it in a dish.
    6. Wow @ being able to detect through smell whether the salt in a dish is perfect or not! I do have a good sense of smell, but not as sharp as that.
    7. Wow again. I would love to read that post. Please do it soon. 🙂
    8. I love my masala chai too, though my life does not depend on it, like I have seen some with hard-core tea addicts. I can go without tea/coffee for days before I start missing it. It does feel good to know that you are not addicted to something.
    9. I haven’t seen the movie Ijaazat, and haven’t heard the songs so closely except for Mera Kuch Samaan. Should do that soon.
    10. No, I can’t. You can? Wow again.



    1. Thank you dear for all the Wows they sure made my day 😀 😀
      As far #4 please tell me which type of recipe of Kashmiri dum aaloo you have been looking for? I mean with or w/o gravy??


  9. My all time favorite songs – it spells pure magic 🙂

    Loved knowing more things about you ME – you seem to have an excellent sense of smell and taste!

    BTW were you serious about the nose touching part?


  10. I remember watching the movie long long time back and had loved it. I am going to watch it again this weekend now 🙂
    And I cannot touch my tongue to my nose. Not even close. My jaw is aching now, because I have been trying to touch it for the past few minutes. Hopefully no one in office saw me doing it, othewise it would have been entertaining 😀


    1. Go for the movie MPB, I am sure you’ll love it 😀

      😆 😆 I am sure with practise one day you’ll touch your nose with your tongue 😛


  11. Me,

    First things first – I CAN touch my nose with my tongue – go on and give me a standing ovation now 😛

    Me, I strongly agree with you on dislike – I try to incorporate it in my life too. I never knew that famous reason behind hate – I always thought it is too strong a word and reserved it for really nasty things – like, I hate abuse kinds (but then, hate is too mild there)
    Yes, children are individuals in their own stride – how true !
    I do wish cooking makes you happy soon 🙂 Else, I wish you find something else that does 🙂
    Hugs to you okay? And I must catch up on that movie soon.


    1. Yahoooooooooooo! I am so glad to learn that you too can touch your nose with your tongue. Tight hugs and happy dance on this note 😀
      Thank you sweetie for the warm wishes, I am hoping things are going to get better very soon 😀
      Please do catch up on the movie, and let me know your take on it 🙂


    1. I have been so stuck that publishing that post on Sugar seems like a mission impossible 😦
      It’s fun to be able to touch my nose with my tongue 😉


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