Learn to take what you need

In the darkest moments of life, our soul whispers the truth we are trying hard to ignore in our busyness. Read to know what happened when I stopped to listen to my inner wisdom.

Bringing life on track

I have had a totally messed up year, where I had no clue what was happening, what lay ahead and how time went past. The only thing I could feel was being caught in mid-waters of a sea of negativity, pain and hurt. Struggling to swim across,but failing miserably. No, I haven't yet managed to …

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And our school journey began

When I reached the pre-school with my father and Pari, I was very anxious. On the other hand, Pari was excited to see the swings, flowers, cartoons everywhere, while it was just another day for my father who has already done this exercise of school admissions earlier on in his life. Meeting the principal started on a …

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All that I pray for

I am a very spiritual person though I am hardly religious. I do not strictly follow any form of praying rituals or visiting the temple, yet I do not leave any opportunity to visit a place of worship irrespective of it being a temple, church, gurdwara or mosque. When I was in school, one morning …

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It is rightly said that misfortune never comes alone. Maybe cause it loves lurking with 'difficulties' of all sizes and orders that's why it is never short of company. My current life gives me the feel of being stuck in quicksand. The harder I try to walk away, move out or still simpler, help myself, …

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