Dear Blog,

I have been lurking in your pages day in and day out, yet haven’t had the heart to ‘publish’ any actual posts from a very long time. This time for a change, besides scribbling infinite drafts, I have been busy reading about myself through my blog posts.

I’ll be honest, on many occasions I really get amazed at the way I had fought that difficult period of my life around its onset days, though that strength seems to be fading with the chronic problems in my life. After basking in enough self-praises, let me share a hint as to what I have been up to or more correctly, what has life been offering me lately.

From what I shared last, my mother had been suffering from serious complications post surgery for breast cancer with diabetes and doctors (who claim to be specialists of their fields with a long list of degrees gathered from near and abroad) playing havoc. Till date, it’s been 3 months since my mother’s cancer was diagnosed and the complications have been multiplying by the day.

Sadly so, but (almost) all the complications are iatrogenic. What all has been going on is surely coming up soon because I want everyone who reads my blog to know what all goes on at the leading healthcare institutes to the patients who have actually been diagnosed with grave illnesses at an early stage, yet mismanagement burns a hole in the pocket and hearts of the family.

I am aware I have been promising endlessly about updates on my (extended) family’s reaction to my mother’s illness and now these medical updates too, but results have somehow not shown in writing. Sincere apologies on that front, but I have been out of my mind to able to post any sane blog posts.

Grave illnesses with complications adding up, heaps of medicines to be eaten round the clock and the dear ones whom you count on ditching you, all these ingredients have cooked a deadly cocktail of ‘depression’ for my mother. Depression is a sickness that has clear signs yet fighting it like we fight ‘cold’ or fever never gifts desired results. Despite the fact, it is surely contagious.

Keeping the morale of my parents high while juggling the challenges Pari’s terrible twos have been throwing my way has left me mindless, impatient, irrational and more forgetful than I ever was (well, I can’t say that last bit definitively, cause I just can’t remember).

In these trying times, my only source of entertainment has been Twitter. I love it for its spontaneity and the few friends I have made over there. The one liners are often a great help to make my low spirits recharge. The other good that has recently happened is I have been able to connect with a number of my blog-buddies on twitter. I am really excited to stay in touch on Twitter, because I simply enjoy tweeting.

Pari, has grown a lot since I wrote a proper update about her. She has changed and I can actually see her grow her wings to take on the world already. Detailed posts are surely coming up, because unrecorded updates are something I am certainly not liking.

Well, well, this time I won’t make an official announcement (because I don’t want to jinx it), but I am seriously going to begin scribbling daily to cover the backlog of the events in my life, as a lot is happening even while I am writing this post.

That’s the maximum time I can manage for today, I’ll be back really soon.



The song on my mind: Tera Naam Liya ~ Raam Lakhan

P.S. – This post isn’t proof read to avoid the risk of it being left sitting in my drafts forever like many others. Please bear with the many errors.

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  1. Smita

    I can understand the difficult times that you are going thru…it doesn’t seem to end na?? *hugs*

    Doctor negligence?? Sigh!!! When will we Indians learn better


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