The Good Side Of Procrastination That Isn’t Talked About

Can there be any good that comes out of procrastination? Read the article to understand what procrastination can mean and can it have a positive side to it.


Dear Blog, I have been lurking in your pages day in and day out, yet haven't had the heart to 'publish' any actual posts from a very long time. This time for a change, besides scribbling infinite drafts, I have been busy reading about myself through my blog posts. I'll be honest, on many occasions …

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Moving ahead

Thank you everyone who shared their valuable inputs & personal experience in my post, Finding Answers. I am feeling a lot better now having made many changes and decisions since that day. Firstly, ranting about the many confusions & insecurities circling my mind was a major step in freeing myself from them. I had been trying to …

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The rabbit is out of the hat!

I have been wanting to resume regular blogging, but in the past few days I have been craving to change scene to get my mind off the worries that have been hovering on my mind night and day. No, travel is not on the cards for a while. I love blogging; that's certain. Though these …

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