The rabbit is out of the hat!

    • I have been wanting to resume regular blogging, but in the past few days I have been craving to change scene to get my mind off the worries that have been hovering on my mind night and day. No, travel is not on the cards for a while.
    • I love blogging; that’s certain. Though these days I spend most of my Internet time indulging in micro-blogging. Twitter.
    • The thing I like most about Twitter is it keeps me too hooked to think about the issues in my life. The fun part of the contests I participate in, gives me the needed push to stay positive and face life head on. I used to initially think expressing myself in 140 characters is tough. Trust me when I say it is sometimes therapeutic and even good for a change.
    • Having won a few goodies on Twitter gives me the happy feeling like kids get when they receive pocket-money from their parents.
    • In the past few months it has happened to me twice. More correctly, it has happened just twice in my entire life that I felt a compelling desire to drink alcohol or smoke or consume anything intoxicating for that matter to be drugged to the extent that I can actually forget all the issues in my life atleast for a while. I could see the reason why people indulge in such activities when depression hits them. Though I have been lucky that those moments of strong desire didn’t last longer than ten minutes on each case and I didn’t succumb to the urge.
    • I have been working very hard to keep myself away from any and everything that can remind me of my past life. I feel pride in sharing that I have actually been healing beautifully in due course. My hair are back to their normal black, lustrous state with only two strands of white hair (that I can actually see myself) as against many locks of white hair I had developed few months back. I sleep better and don’t look like a zombie anymore.
    • I have lately been seriously considering ways to help manage my anger better. There were occasions when I could actually feel myself get very angry and literally struggling to control an angry outburst. It is so unlike me, who often cools down then and there by shedding a tear or two. I then decided to do something I always believe helps. I re-channelized the heat, the energy that was threatening to explode my mind. I have been using it to crack contests on Twitter.”Nothing builds self-esteem and self-confidence like accomplishment.” – Thomas Carlyle
    • I have always loved spontaneous, smart catch lines. When Twitter made me explore a world made up of just those, I was hooked and am still smitten by its charms.
    • I know Twitter has occupied a lot of space in this post, but I really can’t help it for I actually tweet a lot these days. I’d be lying if I say I don’t enjoy it. But, it is more of a stress-buster than bag-the-prizes race that keeps me hooked to tweeting. I know it for sure cause by now I have some cool prizes in my kitty but that hasn’t made feel proud or any better than I otherwise do. Though I do not wish to say that I don’t love to win, I sure do.
    • Today marked the start of something very big in our lives. Something that’ll have a life-changing impact on our lives in the days and years to come. I sincerely wish for God’s blessings, guidance and help at every step of this venture. Thank you God for finally bringing this day in our lives, for it has taken a lot of pain and suffering to get to this start point and I have full understanding that the road ahead is not at all smooth. Hope lives, to keep us alive and we are doing just that.
    • Diet control is one of those gray areas of my life that I know I can never conquer. Besides, with winters set full on and the festive season just gone by, my weight loss has gone for a toss. Though I have been trying to exercise as regularly as I can, but eating home cooked Sarson ka saag with butter and Moong Dal Halwa (yeah, I ate these today) are doing no good to help me lose weight.
    • I know I haven’t posted a recipe in a very long time. The credit for it goes to my utter laziness in taking pictures. I keep delaying it on pretext of finishing one chore after another to end up with the prepared food finished before remembering to take any pictures.
    • I need to make a stop here before this post becomes a zoo out of the hat. I’m trying to get to write more frequently like before and leave comments on the many blogs I read but feel too occupied to scribble anything meaningful. Please bear with many mish-mash update posts that are surely going to follow this one for there is a lot that I want to record and share on this blog.

The song on my mind: Main Jahan bhi rahoon  ~Namaste London

45 thoughts on “The rabbit is out of the hat!

  1. Hugs Sweetheart!! I created an account on Twitter, but somehow, I can’t get myself to enjoy it! 😐

    Also, what did you do to your hair? With all the medication I was on and the anasthesia side-effects, I have more white, less healthy hair! 😦


    1. No secret hair treatments dear, it’s just the result of the stress levels slowly fading to lesser levels than before 🙂
      Hope your hair and health too returns to it’s healthy self soon 🙂
      Hugs Pixie!!


  2. privytrifles

    Glad to hear today was a day which marked the beginning of something good – wishing you all the happiness and love ME…May the Almighty shower His choicest blessings on you and Pari..take care!


  3. Hey ME,

    Good to know you feel very positive and happy. May the days ahead be even better for you.

    Ok, so addicted to twitter these days eh?…

    Diet control…never works for me. What works for me is brisk walking. I eat cakes, pizzas etc but then I make sure I walk for 20-30 mins to burn the calories..Also, the walks are quite refreshing for mind.

    and ME, I like the previous look of your blog better…sorry…..(will still visit your page…the new look isnt bad at all but I like the previous theme better)

    Take care, Stay happy



    1. I agree brisk walks are great ways to feel lighter and fresher anytime of the day 🙂
      Thank you for the honest opinion about my blog’s theme, changed it right away though am replying to your comment after what feels like a month.
      Thank you for the warm wishes 🙂
      Hugs dear!!


  4. I have seen you hooked around Twitter… 🙂 But that’s fine…totally get the difficulty blogging sometimes. I have been enjoying blogging as part of NaBloPoMo but as a result have been unable to read others’ blogs and comment as well as reply to comments on mine. Hope to do that soon…

    Until then, happy tweeting! And hope you win some more…


    1. I am glad atleast someone has spotted me tweeting 😉
      I so want to jump on the NaBloPoMo bandwagon but I guess I need to take up regular posting before taking up so exhaustive 🙂
      Thanks a ton dear PB 🙂


  5. Wow…you ate moong dal halwa…I love that one 🙂

    I havent gotten into Twitter now..but RD tells me its pretty addictive 🙂

    Go on with the tweeting..but please dont forget us bloggers okie?

    Glad you hear about so many positives..only two grey hair..gah! I have dozens now 🙂


  6. I loved this post for it’s randomness and Twitter-ness. 🙂
    I wish I could be more on Twitter. Some of the one liners are amazing works.
    And best of luck for the new phase. 🙂


  7. Ok, I will be frank. From this zoo, I will pull out only two cute stuff 😛

    First : Lustrous black hair. How ME, how? What should be done to get that? Mine is on the verge of loosing all the blackness 😥

    Second : Wish you all the good luck in your new endeavour 🙂

    Do a post on the Twitter goodies you got! Chalo, inspire karo 😉


    1. #1: Lesser stress and getting around 6 hours of sleep per day are helping me heal. The past two years have been crazy, stressful and sickening 😦
      #2: Thank you very much sweetie 🙂
      Ah! just a few cosmetics, story books, soft toys and the like. Nothing too fancy 🙂


  8. pls.. wnt more recipes… and do click some pics.. SOOOON 🙂
    And yes.. me too wants some sarson ka saag.. wid loads of unsalted butter..and roti.. 🙂

    Hugs..and stay safe!!

    Much Love!! 🙂


    1. Yes, I have been pretty active on Twitter lately. It’s plain fun tweeting, am far from being an expert though 🙂
      Thank you Debo for the warm wishes 😀


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