Back to business

  1. Blogging is my real business. It keeps me alive, it keeps me sane. My long absences are marked with my constant efforts to write a post, which somehow hasn’t been happening to my liking in the recent past. As a result the drafts are piling like the files in a government office.
  2. On 1st of December I had actually planned to jump on the post-a-day bandwagon for December. I had even managed on writing a post almost 75% complete, but then things didn’t go according to the plan.
  3. These days I have stopped thinking and even reading articles related to divorce, it’s after effects or how to cope with it and the like. It’s not just a sign of my attempts at moving on, but also marks my extreme desire to not endlessly mull over my past. Instead I am trying to stay focused on the future and enjoy the present.
  4. Like I mentioned earlier, these days I am occupied making big decisions for the future. One step at a time. The progress is slow, the path is difficult but am content that I am finally on the road of actually working out my plans of securing Pari’s future.
  5. I have a lot of tasks lying incomplete because of lack of time. I hardly get any free time these days cause of many reasons, though the principal one being Pari. She wants me around at all times and her tantrums that are growing in intensity and duration at an alarming pace leave me craving for more hours and energy every single day.
  6. The past few days have been quite emotionally draining for me. I am actually going to do separate posts on the issues I have been struggling to conquer because I wish to record all the analysis I have done so far to help me in future when the same questions will raise their head again.
  7. Time seems to be flying fast. Maybe cause I am too occupied all day that I feel every now and then the weekend is here.
  8. There have been some moments lately when I was too happy to do justice in words. Nothing major though, but I happened to find two pairs of jeans that fit me like no other pair of jeans has felt ever before. That’s not it. I have lost a few inches and have gone lighter by two dress sizes, so the exercise seems to be working for me. Though I don’t give running after Pari enough credit, but I guess that too has helped me in getting fitter.
  9. While we are talking about denim, let me share, Levi’s is my favorite brand in India. Great fit and most importantly I love their modern-rise (waist-rise) series of jeans. What’s your favorite brand of jeans?
  10. Do you remember the story idea I had written couple of months back for the Harper Collins & Indiblogger Get Published Contest? If not, you can check it out at, Beyond the Horizon. The good news is the idea for the story has been approved, but the tricky part is, I shall get selected to submit the full story only if my story idea manages to get enough votes. Please help me promote my story idea by voting for it here. Your kind support is much appreciated.

The song on my mind: Aaj main Upar aasman neeche ~ Khamoshi

27 thoughts on “Back to business

  1. Good to see you back here…I see you on Twitter more often these days! 😉 Shame that Pari is going through the tantrums phase and hope it passes soon. Glad to hear you’ve dropped two dress sizes. Incredible! Never had a favourite jeans brand but recently bought a couple of Levis pairs only because it fit well around the waist and hips due to their bold curve jeans. I have a small waist but bigger hips and thighs and as a result, the back of the jeans tend to gape open…so this has been an amazing find! 😀


    1. It pays to find the brand that suits you well. Though it is a bit of a struggle to begin with.
      Oh yes, I am a lot on twitter from the past some time. I too am hoping Pari’s tantrums settle down a little.
      Thank you PB


  2. by voting you mean like is it? I liked it madam and now all the very best to you…
    yayyyyyyyy to the weight loss.. now go and have some sweets 🙂 🙂 🙂
    better get back to your business..


  3. voting- done, all the best for the contest.. :).
    me too losing so much of weight running behind Bunty.. i think i have come to 40 something Kgs now.. :(.. its high time i stop breastfeeding her before i loose more weight.. :(.


    1. Well to be honest, it isn’t about an old pair of jeans for I ended up loosing a wardrobe full of those in my home overseas. In the post I’d been talking about new pairs of jeans I shopped for recently 🙂
      Thank you Rebel


  4. You were missed so much ME!! Come back to normal blogging soon. I look forward to reading your posts. every day in the morning and that gives me a lot of positive energy. So.. pls pls come back to normal blogging soon.. okay? 🙂


  5. first of all i loved the song ..

    levis is indeed a great brand and you are right they fit so much better than the same size in other brands ..

    and yes time is running past for sure there are not enough hours in the day .. Take care and all the best


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