Tough Times

Its been forever since I blogged or read any of the blogs I read regularly. The reason being a long list of stressful situations at my end that aren't letting me feel quite myself. To make things easier for me and to get the posts rolling out of my blocked mind, I'll keep this post …

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My heart is sore and so is my soul. There are so many painful happenings in and around my life that finding time to  scribble a post in full sense actually didn't happen all this while. I will be sharing greater details in the coming days but for now here's the glimpse of the tip …

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Line of action

I am blank. I am at a total loss of words. It's not that I don't get opportunity to access the Internet every now and then, but, that I am stuck in a chaos where the noises in my mind are buzzing all day . I think a lot is going on in our lives, …

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Mum is getting operated tomorrow morning. Tonight's going to be a long night for me, because I am worried about mum and dad. For mum due to her pain and sickness but for dad because he is exhausted making tomorrow come soon when mum would be operated. A lot has been going on, though details …

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Need your good wishes & prayers

I need your good wishes and prayers in this very difficult time. Please keep my mom in your prayers.