Need your good wishes & prayers

I am numb, dumb and shaken beyond words. I have no energy left to think what I am typing but I desperately need to write today.

Two days ago, my life felt dreamy, because I was celebrating the return of my dreams. I was determined and the road of life looked pretty straight. Not anymore. The bubble burst with a massive heartache.

My mum reported having noticed a lump in her breast. Alarm bells rang because of one major reason. She has a family history of losing her mum and her aunts to breast cancer. Investigations have been slow owing to it being the weekend, secondly, it was her birthday today, so dad and I decided to let her have a stress free day of her own before we dive into the rough waters.

Tomorrow morning will bring upon us the start of endless investigations to determine the diagnosis and prognosis of the lump. No matter what the doctors have said thus far on examination, I want my little universe, you all, who are part of my blog to keep my mum in your prayers, sending all the positive vibes you can to help her in this fight.

I do trust in miracles because I know the power of faith. I am hell scared, shaken and weak at this moment. I need all the strength I can muster to be strong enough to support mum, dad and Pari in this very difficult time.

Wishing for you a very happy, healthy, content and long life – Happy Birthday Mum

32 thoughts on “Need your good wishes & prayers

  1. Oh dear. Just when you seemed to be getting settled after all the upsetting things in your life, now this happens. Let’s just hope for the best sweetheart. Hugs! We are all here for you……..


  2. Sending a lot of positive vibes your way! I will keep your mum in my prayers. And don’t worry, my mum too had lumps in her breast but they were benign. They still needed to be taken out surgically to run tests on them, but in many cases, lumps turn out to be benign, despite a family history. Don’t worry at all.


  3. All my prayers to your family. Although such diagnosis can be devastating, I’d like to say that with right treatment at the right time it can be overcome. So be strong and lets hope for the best 🙂


  4. She will be all fine, i will remember her in my prayers . Tight hugs to you!! If it is in early stage it is easy to treat, medical science is advanced. Please keep yourself calm and trust me everything will be alright..


  5. simple girl

    Omg.. ME dont worry .. Just be strong.. You have the strength to tide through this. You have all our support. Lots of love and hugs.. Will definitely pray for your mum…


  6. chipmunk

    Happie burthday Aunty 🙂 🙂 🙂 and Ji don’t worry!! she will be all fine 🙂 From now on she is in my prayers !!!! hugs to you and aunt!


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