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Today morning dawned with everyone in my family waking to two important things.

One, determination to give the crisis at hand a tough fight. Better than what we estimate our strength levels at.

Secondly, realisation that we are stuck in quicksand. Every move has to be careful, quick and efficient to be able to come out of the quandary, victorious.

Over the weekend, the doctors had hinted to us the gravity of mum’s illness. All of the specialists consulted, had the same opinion on examination. Though, definitive diagnosis was postponed till we had all the test and biopsy results in hand.

The diagnosis has been established that the lump in mum’s breast is a malignant tumor that needs surgical intervention at the earliest. The stage is advanced, yet operable.

That was about establishing diagnosis, which is actually the stepping stone to a very difficult path ahead. I hail from a very small city where specialists in Oncology don’t exist. To get her the best available treatment in oncology, besides correct assessment of the metastases (spread of cancer in body) and outlining a treatment plan that targets the tumor cells most efficiently we need to seek treatment at the Tata Memorial Centre in Mumbai.

I have never been to Mumbai and the only times my parents have been there was a couple of decades ago for a day or two. In short, we have no knowledge or extended family in Mumbai to help us in this very difficult period.

If you are from Mumbai or are well versed with the city, please help me find answers to a few basic questions to help us prepare for our stay while mum undergoes treatment at the Tata Memorial.

  • The best places to live around the Tata Memorial Institute for the patient’s attendants. The stay is definitely going to be a minimum of ten days with no limit to the maximum. So we are looking for accommodation that we could perhaps rent, as our major part of the day will be spent in the hospital premises.
  • If anyone you know has sought treatment at the Tata Memorial and you would like to hint, share or warn us about any particular thing to take care of, your valuable experience is most welcome.
  • We are looking at maximum ten days from today, when we’ll be in Mumbai. Anything in particular you could think of that we must bring along. Seeing to the heavy rains and even otherwise.
  • How do we request a wheelchair for the passenger while purchasing the domestic flight ticket (online) in India?

A heartfelt thank you for all the good wishes, prayers and positive vibes all you wonderful people sent our way. I will be updating this space often to seek help, keeping you all posted and for the sake of my own sanity.

Please leave your valuable comments below or if you please, write to me at theerailivedin(at)gmail(dot)com

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  1. ME, I am at loss of words to say anything about the crisis you are facing. But I can understand what all of you are going through. The aunt I have mentioned in my recent posts has undergone a successful cancer treatment in Tata Memorial, and have nothing but praises for the hospital. Both about the staff and facilities, their responsiveness to the patient and many other positive things. You can book wheelchair and a attendant by calling the airlines from where you are booking flights.

    My relatives stayed in Lalbag area which is near by to the hospital. I will mail you the exact details of the place. Their stay was much longer so they changed couple of places too. Let me talk to them and mail you with more details.


  2. chipmunk

    I am unaware of Mumbai too, but you can check for the wheel chair at the air port ticket checking place, more over you can call the customer care of the flight and can trace the details for wheel chair!! wishing all to clear soon and prayers for recovery!!!


  3. I’m sorry ME I have no valuable info on Mumbai as I too have never been there…..but I will definitely keep u in my prayers…..don’t worry u will sail through this crisis as you have done with all others…..sending best wishes …


  4. It’s been ages since I left Mumbai and I won’t be of much help there. As far as wheelchair access is concerned, before booking your tickets, it is worth calling the airlines and enquiring if they do provide assistance. If they do, would they need any document. Usually the airlines require a certificate from a doctor confirming that the patient is fit to fly. But do confirm.
    Wish you a lot of positivity and strength…


  5. My aunty recovered from mastectomy, it was in advanced stage, she joined back to work after 6 months…The medical is very advance ME, not to worry your mom will recovery soon. My aunt is a doctor who was diagnosed having breast cancer suddenly, it was a shock for us but for her…She is one strong lady i have ever seen in my life and her recover was nothing than a miracle…its all because of her positive and see going nature..If you want to discuss with her i will give you her mail id..Tight hugs to you and to your mom….

    Kudos to all Oncologist and their team…They are gods…..


  6. ME, you are all in my prayers….. Please keep us updated. I wish you a lot of strength, positivity and faith. We are all with you. I don’t know much about Mumbai but I will ask K and let you know if I find anything helpful. Please take care of your health as well.


  7. May God give enough strength to your entire family to sail through these tough times. I am sorry but I have no info about Mumbai. I am feeling helpless. You all will be in my prayers and just like you I have full faith in Him.


  8. Clueless about the Tata Memorial hospital.
    Weather-wise it is pleasant. It’s not raining too heavily so it should be ok.
    As for wheelchair, you can call up and speak to the airlines at the time of booking your ticket.

    Good luck!! Will keep you in our prayers……..


  9. I’m from Mumbai and I know Tata Memorial is supposed to be the best. I’ll check with mum and friends if they have recent information from anyone who was treated there. I know one lady in my building did go there for treatment, but her case was at least a decade ago.

    About where to stay, I’m not familiar with that area and being from Mumbai, the question of where to stay in the city never arises. However, let me ask around.


  10. Smita

    Check this out


    A fren’s father has been treated there. Here is a tip from her “one person is allowed with the patient he can stay in hosp but need their own bedding and toiletries”. She also says carry spare bartan for the attendant.

    As far as rains are concerned carry umbrella’s that wud be enough.
    Wheelchair I think you will have to speak to the airline call center and speak in advance about it.

    As far as accomodation is concerned I feel that once u come here you will have a feel of things. I remember we had researched about it near Bombay Hospital and there were many options avlbl. So when u come for a day or two put up a nearby hotel and then get a feel from the hospital stuff.

    Last but not the least. Hugs!! All will be fine.


  11. Poornima

    My prayers are with you. Be strong.
    I sent you an email which my closest friend (who resides in Mumbai) sent across. I hope it will be useful to you.
    Take care.


  12. Carvaka

    Sending lots of good wishes. I know someone who underwent treatment at Tata memorial centre and he is now fit and fine. His parents stayed at friend’s homes when there, so I can’t help much with your questions, but wishing you and your family lots of good luck. Hope everything goes well.


  13. can’t help with any questions you have here ME but I’ll make sure your mom is in my prayers…try to stay positive…I wish for her speedy recovery


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