Plan B

The past 36 hours have been full of information overload. We had to rethink, re-draft, edit and make amendments on a large number of parameters in our initial plan of action to get mum the best treatment possible.

I really have no time and opportunity to share the minute details, so sharing just the highlights for now.

I wish to thank each and everyone who has been keeping my family in their thoughts and prayers. It means a world to me dear friends in this very tough phase.

I have been reading all the comments and emails as and whenever I get an opportunity. Each one of them have been massive moral support besides being sources of vital information and some great contact reserves too. I am not in a position to reply to your emails and comments at this hour, but please be assured, all the private information you have shared, is safe with me.

I am flying tomorrow morning. So that’ll make it all the more tough for me to get an opportunity to access internet, besides ability to find time for doing so. The chaos in my life has an added worry of having a two-year old baby in tow. I am stuck in real quick sand at this point.

We have appointments booked with a couple of leading onco surgeons who specialize in breast cancer surgery in the coming days because time is very precious at this point.

Last but not the least, at this point we are flying to Hyderabad instead of Mumbai.  I am all set to board the flight to plan B (because we don’t have much time at hand, the feeling is like sitting on a ticking time bomb).

Details and updates will follow as and whenever I can. Got to finish zillion tasks before I sleep tonight because tomorrow is going to be a BIG move in our lives.

Please do keep us in your prayers.

9 thoughts on “Plan B

  1. I am from hyderabad ERA do let me know if you need anything there…my doctor cousin was treated for breast cancer at Basavatarakam Indo-American Cancer Hospital and Research…one of the best cancer hospital in India….how wish i was there…..


  2. chipmunk

    Even if you show your will power u can come out of the sand without any marks!!! you can do it ji!! its just a [hase! be bold and you can manage all!!! hugs!!!


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