From My Era’s Kitchen

I am a die-hard foodie.

I love food and like to experiment in the kitchen. I enjoy cooking more than eating.

The outcome, I try to cook every tasty-looking recipe I get hold of.

I have a strong fascination with trying to cook every yummy dish I taste outside the home. Be it at a friend’s place, at a wedding or even a restaurant, if I enjoy a dish, I’ll try to cook it myself within the next week itself. As for the recipe, the Internet is my best buddy.

If you are wondering why would I spend so much energy to try to cook it myself when I can eat it anytime in the restaurant, well that’s the mindset of a food-lover and it has to be as soon as possible to avoid forgetting the taste.

Come, be a part of my passion for cooking.

Collection of the best snack, brunch, pickle, main course (vegetarian and non-vegetarian) recipes from my kitchen that are loaded with flavour, health and nutrition. #theerailivedin #homecooked #food #indianrecipes #recipes


Vegetarian Delights:


Non-Vegetarian Delights:


14 thoughts on “From My Era’s Kitchen

    1. Go for it Techie2mom
      I realised that people had no clue about this page so I have decided to add link to it in all my recipes, did so for the last recipe though 😀


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