This is one aspect of life that holds paramount importance for every parent. No matter what our lifestyle, eating habits or food preferences have been, the minute a couple is expecting to have a baby, the whole focus shifts to eating healthy, nutritious food. So far so good, but this topic becomes alarmingly important when …

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When you arrived, I cried, No-matter how hard I tried, Holding you tenderly I rejoiced, What I thought was the end of waiting, Turned out to be the beginning. Wait and longing to see you smile, To watch you sleep at peace all night, Things didn't seem to follow my plan, But you gurgled and …

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Listen to me

Listen to me, my precious, I need to talk to you, In return, I promise to listen to you. This is what together we can do, You listen to me & I to you. I promise my full attention to you, Go ahead pour it out & I'll hear you out. I'll acknowledge all you …

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7 Parenting lessons I learnt from The Jungle Book

The valuable parenting and life-lessons I learnt from The Jungle Book that makes this movie a great watch for all kids and parents alike.