The Glass of Milk

The nutritional value of milk is so well-known that it has been the staple of our diets from times immemorial. My home is no exception. However, getting my family to drink milk willingly has been quite a chore because my daughter and my mother despise it with equal zeal and my father, a tea lover, can’t stop …

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10 Days into taking superfood Spirulina

Have you tried the superfood algae called Spirulina? Read my user experience of the health benefits and side effects of Spirulina with a bonus spirulina mango smoothie recipe.

Parenting in the age of Mc Donald’s

If you were to visit my home at meal times, you'd sense tension in the air. It's nothing short of a war-zone with the parent in me trying hard to feed my child. Mind you, we are aiming to feed a few morsels and not platefuls of food. Pari can be seen armed with a …

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This is one aspect of life that holds paramount importance for every parent. No matter what our lifestyle, eating habits or food preferences have been, the minute a couple is expecting to have a baby, the whole focus shifts to eating healthy, nutritious food. So far so good, but this topic becomes alarmingly important when …

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