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I am a brand new mum. I have experienced some life changing steep turns and massive learning curves very recently.

Hardly four months back all I had been hoping for was a happier future. Now here I am with a busy life and life has gifted me with a beautiful daughter in answer to all those prayers.

Life has been really tough in the past few months, but all these tough times made me long for one thing ~ more time.

If I had a magic wand all I’d wish for is to change the number of hours each day had and make it 26.

I now shoulder massive responsibilities and have too many tasks to be completed in the limited time of 24 hours. Though I have always been very good at time management, the thought of having a couple of extra hours per day would definitely prove god sent at this very point in my life.

What if God decides to grant me this wish? I better be prepared with what I’ll do with those extra hours just in case it actually happens. So here’s my plan:

~Make those hasty 15 minutes of stretching (that I try to label as exercise) into a full 45 minutes of real exercise.

After being on strict bed rest for the full term of my pregnancy and having countless complications during that time, the cry of the hour is I get back to fitness as soon as possible. Not just to get back in shape but to get healthy in the real sense, to be able to take better care of my little daughter and lead a healthy life.

~I’ll spend more time with my little princess to see her learn to crawl and babble.

I am so occupied sorting out the mess our lives are in during the day hours and then in the household chores that I hardly get time to be with my daughter during her wake up hours. The night hours while she is sleeping, often have me wishing to be able to spend more time with her. So some extra time would be wonderful.

~ I’ll get time to shoot more pictures & write more often about my daughters daily mischief

Sometimes it gets almost 20 days to a month before I get time to click pictures of my daughter. When I was pregnant I had wished to capture these beautiful times both in camera and words. That desire seems to have disappeared in thin air. If I get a few extra minutes here and there, I can squeeze this wish in to create memories that’ll last for a lifetime.

~ I’ll cook

wait…wait…wait I cook on a daily basis, but cooking has been my passion from the time I was a little girl. It’s been a long time since I have tried a new dish or done some cooking experiments. Getting some extra time at hand will help me get back to the adventure filled times in the kitchen that are a favorite of everyone in my family.

~ I’ll get knitting

I know only a few basics of knitting. Ever since my mum learnt that I was pregnant she’s been busy knitting beautiful dresses for her grand-child. Those cozy warm outfits have always been tempting me to give a shot at knitting. With winters round the corner, even a few spare minutes every day can help me complete those knitting tasks that are waiting to be completed. After all, infant dresses don’t take too long to complete.

I can literally go on and on but I guess I need to stop my racing mind for we are talking of only two extra hours. Having too many choices interferes with decision making. While I wait for my wish for a couple of extra hours everyday to be granted, let me count my stretching exercises done for the day after stretching my brain cells to the maximum.

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37 thoughts on “Make it 26

  1. that’s are good thought.. yday was one such day for us here in US.. we had 25 hours turning our clocks back by 1 hour as the daylight saving has ended 🙂 I had a good time with Adi.. glad to know that you are spending that 15 mins in stretching.. that’s far better than not doing at all (like me) :(.. don’t stop it for any reason…


    1. That’s awesome….I can imagine the fantastic time you must have had with Adi 😀
      I know the thought and motivation does wonders but weight loss and fitness are among it’s rare exceptions 😉
      I’ll give it my best shot Ani…thank you for the wishes 😀


  2. Ah, I hear you.

    The problem with time is that it’s so darn inflexible. God knows I could use a couple of extra hours every day. It would certainly give me a lot more time to pursue my hobbies and spend time with the people who really matter, instead of the barmy old professors and the like. Not going to happen though, so about the best one can do is be REALLY good at managing time.

    I’m learning. Heh


    1. I too am just like you. But then I thought what if God someday decides to grant my wishes, I decided to stay prepared and this post is just an attempt to do so.
      Welcome here Garima 😀


  3. tat was a very cute post . . congrats on ur new lyf . . sure u wud enjoy each bit of it 🙂 n na i am nt married..but then i love babies ! being a doctor who just passed out and been thru pediatrics postings i can say hands down that however messy they myt seem , rarely few things can replace d sweet smile of a baby 🙂


  4. I can understand how boggled down you must feel as a new mum as I went through the same phase. But now with a two and a half year naughtiest girl in the world it looks like a distant past. Enjoy this time cos once they start walking and running you will be wishing for days when they were always in your arms. Nice Post. Keep blogging.


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