Caught in hashtags

The past one week I didn’t post anything on my blog and my reader too is on the verge of explosion. But, before you think I was busy in the festivities (which I was) and couldn’t find time to update this space for almost a week, let me tell you what I was really doing.

A few days back I was exploring Twitter, for in the past one year I have rarely visited my account. Though I must admit, I started using Twitter in 2009 and am quite well-versed with its ways. But, the lack of sense of humor and funny bone in my body has made me a silent reader of other people’s quick-wittedness in 140 characters.

While admiring the intelligent tweets on my timeline, I happened to note something I had never known about Twitter. The many contests that many big and small brands organise and the wonderful prizes participants get. This sounded exciting and since I had some free time at hand for Pari was enjoying her siesta. I decided to try my hand at tweeting in a contest.

As expected the competition was tough and owing to my lack of creative skills and absence of humor I was a mere spectator of seeing other people win goodies one after the other. I decided to give up and got back to the chores.

The following morning out of plain curiosity I logged on to my Twitter account and noticed I was just in time for another contest. The possibility of winning a prize lured me to participating but in no time Pari spotted the excited me glued to my laptop and came to check what was she missing. I had to give up around an hour before the closing time for the contest and soon forgot all about it.

Many hours later, when Pari was fast asleep I happened to check my email and jumped on my bed with joy for I had been the randomly picked winner in the contest and the organisers wanted me to pass on my contact details for the prize to be sent.

OK, so I too had the potential to win. That small prize was the stepping stone of my week-long addiction to tweeting. If you happen to be connected to my twitter account you must have already noted the dozens of contest tweets I have been posting in the past few days.

I think it is quite similar to gambling. An addiction that slowly, slyly takes over your rational thinking forcing you to tweet away for hours in hope of winning. It really doesn’t matter what the prize is, for the high tweeting rapidly gives, is definitely not dictated by the fact that on most occasions the prize is a mere tee-shirt.

Besides, many contests require participants to tell them what they’d gift any selected twitter buddy. So in case, you enjoy tweeting, do join me.

I have now decided to slow down and get back to my normal human self after spending a full week of life of a bird. So hopefully, I will concentrate more on blogging like always and will not be caught in the quick-sand of micro-blogging for a prize, but you never know when an attractive prize might hypnotize me again.

On this note, I decided to end my twitter marathon (for the time being) with this tweet,

“Saans mein teri saans mili to mujhe cheenk aayi! Jab Tak Hai Zukhaam  #JTHJ ” ( when my breath met yours, I sneezed! Zukhaam = common cold)

Mind you, I used to be a huge fan of SRK in my teens and my liking for him hasn’t quiet gone downhill, though I don’t love him with same intensity as before.

Just in case if you are wondering what my Twitter handle is, it is @theerailivedin

The song on my mind: Humko Tumse ho gaya hai pyar ~ Amar Akbar Anthony

51 thoughts on “Caught in hashtags

  1. hey congratulations on winning the prize.. it doesn’t matter what the prize is but the mere joy of winning something is boundless na..
    yep better get back to blogging as we don’t want to miss you 😉


    1. You should Dil. It is lot of fun. When you feel you are not at your creative best you can always indulge in enjoying other’s creative tweets. Besides an occasional prize is always a welcome idea 🙂
      Thank you dear am looking forward to seeing you join the Twitter gang 🙂


  2. Congratulations on the win!
    I have a Twitter account, but hardly log in. I keep wondering about it, though, when I hear people talking about it. Maybe it is time to explore Twitter and learn how to go about it. 😀 Pah! I feel old!


  3. privytrifles


    I have never tried twitter till now…mostly because I feel I am not creative enough to express myself in those word limits..but your post is actually making me feel its fun and that I should give it a try once!


    1. It sure is very interesting Nithvin, you just need to get a hang of it 🙂
      Well, I won a shopping voucher from and few other goodies. Maybe I’ll take a picture and put it on the blog someday 🙂


  4. Diwali wishes to you Era. And thanks for your lovely greetings! I like twitter, and yes there are tons of contest happening all the time, but i am never motivated to login to twitter account…may be for the same reason of not having the ability to write the best 140 characters 😉


    1. Come on Anu, give it a try, you can have a good time and give up anytime. Afterall the contests need us to tweet only so that isn’t anything too tough to do. The more you do the better it gets 😉


  5. Oh you really won eh ?! Thats cool. Even I have a twitter account but haven’t used it in ages. Must try to win some goodies now that I have lots of free time. 🙂


  6. Like you, I too got a bit of a time last week to check my Twitter account. I hardly go there due to lack of time. 🙂
    Congratulations on the win. I have never explored that arena although you have raised my curiosity.


  7. Firstly congratulations ME 🙂 I am not a twitter person, I did have an account long time ago which must have deactivated by now!

    I too was a SRk fan even now I am (I think) but I do not like him with the same intensity like I used when I was young!


  8. Woohoo,

    You are on a winning spree Madame! 🙂 Lovely lovely!
    I have an account but making sure I say hi to fb itself has become a rarity (though am catching up well, I must say). I miss the times when I would wait for my crops to grow. Sigh.

    Never ever have explored online contests other than some story writing or essay contests where I have been lucky sometimes 🙂 You make me curious enough to activate that long forgotten and dormant account. Else create one. Let’s have fun! 🙂


  9. So that’s why I am not seeing regular posts from you..Congratulation on the win. I have never tried twitter, though its there on my phone, that is the only social networking tool I am not using. May be I should try..


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  11. I have joined BlogAdda recently. While browsing, I happened to see your blog and starting reading it casually. I found it very interesting and went back to the first sentence.Your style of writing is impressive..


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