Twenty Two

  1. Pari loves to dance on every tune that catches her fancy. Though the old melodies are a strict no-no. Kareena Kapoor Khan is still her favorite actress.
  2. She is a water baby. She loves indulging in water in every possible way and at every hour of the day. Be it late at night or early in the morning she is game to drink and play with water.
  3. She still weighs the same as the amount of weight I have lost since her birth. It’s quite a strange finding but is still the case.
  4. Pari has lately developed sensitivity with Johnson’s baby soap. She develops severe rashes on her face even with the slightest use of it though nothing so serious happens on other parts of her body. It was such a rare form of sensitivity given that Johnson & Johnson is a very trusted brand that it took me a long time finding out the real cause of her sensitivity. Though, am glad I finally found out and now she is perfectly free off all rashes. *Touch wood*
  5. Her strong dislike for sweets continues, though she has started loving chocolates just like all other kids, making it tough for me to keep her from trying to open the fridge. She has succeeded only twice till date, but still it is a major cause of worry for me.
  6. She has finally started liking the Mangoes. Yes, just nice, not tempting enough to want to eat them. One bite and she is done with it.
  7. Apples and Papaya are her favorite fruits.
  8. Making Pari eat food is a big challenge, she is one fussy eater and has grown to dislike her high-chair for the fact that it limits her freedom. But, she has her own ways of making me give up. She throws a major tantrum if I make her sit in the chair when she is in no mood to eat.
  9. Distraction and disguise are being tried full on to make her eat nutritious foods, with me failing on more than 65 % occasions. Though in my given circumstances, am still celebrating the 35% times I am successful in feeding her.
  10. Yesterday in her bout of extreme crankiness a major mishap happened. She landed with a subluxated elbow. The pain was excruciating and her cries blood-curdling. I actually felt my heart stop. But, the good part was the emergency happened in the morning and we could seek emergency medical help where the specialist treated her within minutes. The time-lapse between the mishap and her returning back to her normal playful self, made me go so nervous and emotionally drained that I had a tough time narrating to the doctor what had actually happened. I am now at a serious deficit of good deeds, for in the moments of panic I prayed so hard promising God to be good in return of seeing my princess back to her cheerful, healthy self that I have to be really careful about all I do and think.
  11. Since it’s summertime and all lizards are back from slumber, Pari has found a new sport. She loves pointing at the lizards and make me act as if I am real scared. If I refuse to comply, I end up with a lizard in proximity and a very annoyed baby. So I choose to be real scared of them both to live at peace.
  12. Pari has inherited her dislike of being photographed from her mother, so taking her pictures is a very difficult task with most shots having her hands trying to grasp the camera lens or she hiding behind anything to avoid being photographed. Well, I really can’t complain much in this case, so I just keep trying.
  13. She is as smart as me in operating gadgets. My laptop is her favorite where she loves hitting the mouse as if trying to create a Guinness world record in fastest and maximum number of clicks in 30 seconds. She can unlock all sorts of phones and has on many occasions dialled up random numbers from the phone book.
  14. Whenever Pari gets bored and no form of music is on, she asks for ‘Dancy’ that is the cue to turn on the TV and let her enjoy dancing to the beats.
  15. She still finds cartoons boring. The only cartoons she loves are the Vodafone zoozoos and the Gummy Bear (watch the video at the end of the post).
  16. She is as smitten by the iPad as is her mum and trust me when I say that she knows how to have fun with it better than her mother. She tries to tap all apps to end up seeing something interesting and if that doesn’t happen she simply lifts it and runs around the house, enjoying seeing her panic-struck mum run after her leaving all work at hand.
  17. Though she doesn’t enjoy eating food but she absolutely loves applying all forms of foods as face-pack. No, she hasn’t inherited that from me, for I am one of the most negligent souls on the planet as far as skin care goes. So we never know we might have someone of the likes of Shenaz Hussain in the making, seeing the dal and sabzi face packs she keeps applying.
  18. She still doesn’t enjoy anything being put in her hair. All forms of hair-clips, ribbons and bands are thrown off at lightning speed within nanoseconds of them touching her hair.
  19. She enjoys being fashionable and you can see her model in front of the dresser just like models on the ramp do.
  20. Flying kisses are something I never taught her and never encouraged anyone else too, but she seems to have picked it from TV. The luckiest fellow on the planet to get flying kisses from my little darling is her cuddly teddy bear. Am still in the queue hoping to be showered with flying kisses someday.
  21. Her Nautanki is on full bloom and it would need a separate post to share all the new antics she’s learnt in the past couple of months.
  22. Pari is now twenty-two months old. I now join the army of parents who can’t stop saying, ‘kids grow up really fast, yes they do!!’

The Gummy Bear video that Pari absolutely loves :

14 thoughts on “Twenty Two

  1. Awww she is adorable na…big big hugs to her..wish R was a water baby like her…R hates water πŸ™‚

    and LOL on the fridge opening for chocolates..hehehehe smart kiddo eh?


  2. banni

    I have just recently come across you blog and just by reading it for a few days I have learnt so many things not just about you but myself as a person. It has never occurred to me how precious life is or the things we have are. Your daughter is an beautiful treasure in your life and I hope she continues to bless your life with happiness and fulfillment. πŸ™‚


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