We have all heard the famous saying, ‘when life gives you lemons, make a lemonade.’ It’s one of those quotes that never fails to bring a smile to my face.

As life got busier and responsibilities took charge of my ever-happy being, I could see the number of lemons rise exponentially. If we give a deep thought at how many lemons there are in our day-to-day lives, probably trying to make lemonade of them all would lead to one of the two possibilities;

1. I’d become a vendor of lemonades and start earning my living out of it.

2. Develop extreme hyper-acidity in an attempt to accommodate all those lemonades in my system, which would be highly injurious to my well-being.

It was just then while I was busy trying to channelize life’s troubles and sour moments when blogging stepped in my life. It gave me the desired path of stirring up some sweet of positivity in the life’s lemonade and spread the word of cheer amongst my readers via optimistic posts.

“I’ve always believed in optimism, but it could be so addictive, I learnt only after I alloyed it with my passion for writing.” ~ My Era

When I stepped in the world of blogging, personal blogs were in vogue (I must say they dominate the blog scene even now). Posts strewn with pain and hurt from day to day lives, work stress and even troubles with health often make us feel better (if we are on the sharing front).

While commenting on such articles, I feel the urge to share their share of lemons and offer my share of lemonade to them. Hence started my journey and determination to spread optimism by talking about my life in an unedited version.

Ever since then, I try my best (though I do accept I have quite a few negative stories to my credit) to end my posts on a positive note. It took me a conscious effort in the start, but soon changed to become my trademark style.

Writing has always been my passion, my stories reflect my mood and in the same way affect my mood as well. Sharing positive stories help me reflect about the good times I’ve had, help me fight stress better.

The positivity that comes from being a part of the strong and well knit blogging community fills me with the feeling that I am not alone. I have so many wonderful, caring blog-buddies who have the world’s patience to listen to me, support and guide me. The reassurance of having loving, supportive friends can at times be our only and biggest strength.

Blogging is fun for sure, but it can be life changing and the turning point of our life filled with bitter and sour moments. Give your life the much needed boost of positivity. Every smile, every cheer counts; for it only adds to the spark of optimism that we all need on a daily basis.

Do you feel blogging adds to positivity?

The song on my mind : Ek din bik jayega maati ke mol ~ Dharam Karam

6 thoughts on “Optimism

  1. Lovely post.. I used to blog 2-3 years ago.. But later stopped and realised that something was missing.. I again retorted to the blogger world and happiness and optimism has entered my life again. it gives me an opportunity to read the thoughts of beautiful people like you as well as portray my beliefs and thoughts with the world.. I love to write and books and blogging have become the refuge where I forget the stressful life and focus on positivity.. Nice to read your post.. Keep writing..!


  2. ME!

    I am loving this spate of writing by you! 🙂 Everyday one post beckons to me and it is a joy to share your lemonade 🙂

    You are absolutely right. Blogging brings positivity. Just know that someone out there is listening to you and the wealth of information and advice doled out, makes it addictive ! Here’s to another overdose of it! 🙂


  3. Oh it sure does . At the end of the day, I know there is someone whom I could turn to, trust and rant:) Blogging has made me realize I am not the only one. It is an awesome feeling to know you have some amazing people as company who are as crazy as you 😉 such a beautiful post Me 🙂


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