Spring Cleaning Time

Spring has officially arrived. The very first thing spring brings along in people with an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) for cleanliness is the natural urge to get spring cleaning. Long ago, I admitted to be a sufferer of this OCD which to many people’s relief I am not even 50% of my original insane self.

But, since I am still possessed by 50% of my OCD, here I am with a broom that I actually used to ride to make my way back to the blog. I know you are thinking that this is another clichéd ‘come back post’ that’ll be full of promises for regular updates, blah…blah…blah. Hold on, the good news is the answer is, no.

I have come to realize my blog is my personal diary, the ‘home’ for my heart, where my soul belongs. I can never actually be gone too far from it. I might be off on a vacation but eventually, I will return. Today I have done just that.

I was hurt to note that I haven’t written any posts in the new year (except a book review) even when my life has been full of things I wish to write about, record them in detail as they happened. Having said that, the fact remains that I am in a total mess, with amnesia worsening by the day and worries mounting by the minute.

Its time to get writing, reading, book reviewing ( because that’s my only motivation to read in the present times) and doing all that this blog has been known for.

I am aware that I have successfully shooed away all my readers, making this blog a living fossil, but just in case you happen to be reading all this, please make sure you add me to your reading list because I want you to show me the mirror.Tell me there’s still hope for me to be the person who once wrote optimistic posts on this blog.

The song on my mind: Shaam se aankh mein nami si hai ~ Jagjit Singh (Marasim)

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