Today was a very special day in my family’s life. One for which we have toiled night and day for a very long time. A day that came after all I had was put at stake, many times.

I humbly wish to thank the Almighty for blessing my family with this important milestone.

All details are coming up in a password protected post(s). Everyone of you who had shared their emails to receive passwords (long back) should expect an email from me. If you don’t receive the password within 6 hours of my publishing the post, please drop me an email. I’ll be glad to share if you have been a reader of my blog.

P.S. – This post is in no way related to Fools day.

16 thoughts on “Dawn

  1. I am a regular in your blog for the last few months. Can you share me the password to your protected posts.
    Glad to hear the “dawn”. you went through a lot… Hope the good times follow.


  2. Thumbelina

    Would love to read about what sounds like a very positive story! Please share the password if you don’t mind!


  3. B. M.

    I did not get a email, but then i guess I am not in the list anymore .. been away for more than 15-16 months now ..

    So do send ๐Ÿ™‚

    take care


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