Is it okay to love your body and still want to lose weight?

Growing up as an obese kid, I shuddered around the idea of having someone talk to me about my eating habits or weight. 

It was the number one topic I didn’t want to talk about. 

I despised the weighing scale and was convinced that it was broken and couldn’t be relied upon with something so important as body weight.

As time flew, my hesitation and reluctance to talk about my weight blew up to a point that my mind would immediately classify anyone (even if in the most well-meaning terms) who would try to talk to me about getting healthier as an enemy. Someone, I was better off staying away from. 

Many years later, I see it as an act of self-defense. Perhaps it was my mind trying to shield my heartbroken inner child who was ruthlessly bullied and judged for my looks by siblings, friends, teachers, neighbors, strangers, and everyone in between. 

When ignoring and avoiding didn’t work, I’d often hide my hurt feelings behind the mask of humor. I’d try to brush away the hurt by cracking silly self-deprecating jokes that helped me survive the tough times but did nothing to ease my heartache. 

Today tables have turned. 

After losing all my weight and having successfully kept it off ever since, I now help women lose weight to create the healthier, lighter, calmer version of themselves that I have become. 

However, as a weight loss coach, I can see the manifestation of the conflict I once experienced in my clients. 

I often encounter women, who share goals such as –

improving energy levels

eating better

feeling more confident

feeling more feminine


feeling comfortable in their body

But if I ask them about weight loss, they often downplay the importance of that outcome by emphasizing that they just want to feel healthy.

For so many women I have been talking to, the path to their goal IS weight loss. 

That’s what they REALLY want but – they are just afraid to say it. 

I get it. 

I know why that might be the case. 

But there is another reason why so many women don’t talk about wanting to lose weight so openly. 

Beyond the shame and hurt, women who’ve been overweight for any part of their lives feel conflicted to want to change their body in the light of the world moving towards embracing body positivity and body acceptance.

Here’s my perspective on the matter. 

Loving oneself at any size is right. 

Not letting your self-worth be defined by your physical appearance is right. 

Rejecting quick-fix fad diets and being thin to the point of harming yourself is right.


It is also OKAY to want to change your body. 

Though it is key to dig deeper and understand the real reason why you want to lose weight. 

If you want to be thin to feel worthy


If you want to lose weight to gain acceptance from peers or people in your life


If you want to be leaner so that your efforts in other areas of life are validated. 

You’ve got it WRONG. 

Before you entertain the thoughts of body transformation, you must understand that irrespective of where you are in life;



YOUR efforts are VALID 

Once you have the above roadblock thoughts out the way, if you want to lose weight to achieve important goals such as health, vitality, and confidence, then do it by all means. 

The REAL deal is HOW you go about it. 

Healthy weight loss methods rooted in science that prioritize long-term physical and mental health are what I teach and stand by. 

Though this can’t be achieved with the mudslide of crash diets, break-your-body-exercise challenges and supplements out there, and definitely not fat-free chips or diet colas.

If you want to lose weight, I want you to remember: 

It is okay to love your body AND want to improve your health.

It is okay to feel confident AND be accountable for exercise and nutrition.

It is okay to dismiss crash diets AND accept healthy weight loss methods. 

It is okay to embrace body acceptance AND also want to transform your body for its well-being with compassion.

Don’t let anyone tell you that it’s not okay to be who you want to be when you’re guided by self-love.


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4 thoughts on “Is it okay to love your body and still want to lose weight?

  1. I read the title and I just wanted to yell…YES! Haha loving and respecting your body does not mean you don’t want to improve anything about it. It’s totally fine to want to lose the weight in a healthy way, while taking care of your body and being happy for what it can do. Great post!

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  2. vishalbheeroo

    Loving oneself at any size is right. So well said. Body shaming is so wrong sadly in the way the brain is wired. You are an absolutely amazing woman. Keep inspiring.

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