How I Talked To My Child About The Divorce

Talking to children about their parent's divorce is difficult yet an opportunity for the parents to teach children how to handle pain effectively. Here's how I explained my child about the divorce and how it would impact our lives.

Why (and how) I Set Clear Boundaries With My Child

Setting clear, healthy boundaries in child-parent relationships establishes that you're an adult with your own rights, choices, preferences and capacities. It's an act of self-care. Read on to learn how I struggled by not setting clear boundaries from the start and how I finally changed our lives for the better by setting clear boundaries.

How I Became a Peaceful Parent

Do you feel like an angry mom? Are you guilty of yelling at your child? Are you looking for ways to become a calm mom? Here, I share my journey of transforming and calm parenting techniques that actually work.


Do you feel lost, tired and overwhelmed by parenting? Here's how I started making sense of the chaos my life as a single mom to a strong-willed child had become.

The last year in kindergarten

Taking stock of the entire academic year gone by sounds like a tough task but doing so before Pari starts her next session is all the more important. No matter how faded my memory of the events of past year might be, it is definitely vivid when compared to, say ten or perhaps five years …

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