Are you too struggling to drink enough water daily?

Drinking sufficient amount of water daily is a common struggle that I, and often others, have. In fact, not drinking enough water has been a habit that had started having harmful impact on my health. Read my story to know how I overcame this struggle in a sustainable way.

Acceptance of Change

I have always credited myself as the one blessed with a generous helping of patience. I have always seen it as a virtue passed on to me in the strands of DNA, I inherited from my mother. These were my usual claims until I got married. That's when life gifted me a mirror and what …

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Will you help save Payal?

Around five years ago, as part of my blogging journey, I read about Aditi* on a blog I regularly read. She was the teenage daughter of a blogger, whom I knew almost like a child of my house, having read about her achievements, mischief and more in her mother’s words over the years. Aditi was …

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11 Stories Squeezed Into One

*Confession Time* I have tried it before, I tried it again, but finding time to regularly blog has been tough for me. So today, I am going to try to capture the headlines of some of the many events going on in my life. Yes, I am fully aware, that each of these topics deserve …

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Stepping out of the nest

I have had an over-protected childhood. One where I never had to face the hardships of life despite being born in an ordinary middle-class family. I wish to clarify that it by no means implied that I was a 'spoilt child' because I did face the struggles every Indian child faces in having things their …

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