Awkwardness -6

This post is part of a series of incidents I have had with a parent at my child's school bus-stop. If you're new to this blog, please read the earlier parts here for better understanding. “I am an inexhaustible source of awkwardness.” ~ Milena Veen The candy saga lasted for around 40 days and that's when …

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Awkwardness -5

This is the 5th chapter in the series of awkward interactions that have occurred with Nina's father at the bus stop.

Awkwardness -4

Please read the earlier posts of this series here; part 1, part 2 & part 3. A couple of weeks ago, came an unexpected twist in our relationship with Nina and her parents. It was the week when Nina told Pari that her birthday was round the corner and she'll be hosting a birthday party. …

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Awkwardness – 3

This series is unusually growing longer, much to my dislike. I had wished for things to change for better sooner or later, but nothing much has changed in the past six months. Nina hasn't warmed up and neither has her father. Though Pari and Nina do happily interact ( however limited it is ) during …

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