Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chua: Memoir of a Strict Mom

A detailed book review of the parenting memoir of a strict mom, Battle Hymn Of The Tiger Mother by Amy Chua. Here I share the quotes and the lessons learnt from this must-read book for parents.

Letting Go #BookTalk

I spent the whole of 2016 reading more and more of non-fiction books after I'd noted the drift in my reading preferences. While I was doing well on the reading front, I was constantly curious why an increasing number of book critics and the people whom I look up to for reading recommendations were constantly …

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Let’s do the #BookTalk

I read around 36 books in 2016. It's a score I'm rather proud of because I have never read so many (non-academic) titles in a year before. Encouraged by this mini-success, I decided to read or rather try to read even more books in 2017. “A book is like a key that fits into the …

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Winning Like Virat, Think & Succeed Like Kohli

I am not a Cricket fan and neither do I follow the game. This one statement has already made me stand in the 5% population of India who does not follow the one game, India follows like a religion. Anyway, this year, on the 10th anniversary of the IPL (Indian Premier League) I decided to …

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