Mighty Raju Series of #ChildrensBooks

Summer vacations are the best times to encourage children to take up hobbies that can help mold young lives by being an amalgamation of learning and fun. Reading and indulging in activity books are just a few of them of them. Encouraging young children to read on their own needs a careful selection of books, …

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Fables from India

The past few months sped past in a blur leaving little time for me to read books other than what I needed for my assignments. For the few that I read, I have plans to review soon. Though reading was slow, I was still fanning my love for books by adding to the pile of unread …

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The Story of Hanuman & Ganesh

Book reviews of the beautiful, well-illustrated children's books on Lord Ganesha and Lord Hanuman. Read on to explore the details with pictures of the inside of the book.