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Summer vacations are the best times to encourage children to take up hobbies that can help mold young lives by being an amalgamation of learning and fun. Reading and indulging in activity books are just a few of them of them.

Encouraging young children to read on their own needs a careful selection of books, especially for children as young as mine. Pari is a curious reader, she loves reading books and pays extra attention to the illustrations, trying to copy them and if the books are free of any difficult words, she can be seen reading on her own for long hours. This was why long before the school holidays commenced, I ordered the Mighty Raju series book set comprising of bright and colorful 16 books.

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I love book sets for children for the sheer variety of books, the convenience of having a pile of books to keep the children entertained for a long time and of course always having a book or two to share with siblings and friends. Pari has been a fan of the Mighty Raju cartoon series and is well aware of all the characters in it. This fact gave me the needed push to go ahead with this book series.

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The books in the series are beautiful, colorful with easy to follow illustrations and most importantly with a font selected keeping in mind the young readers. Each 32-page book starts with an introduction to the characters in the story. The books of the adventure series have stories that gift the feeling of watching an episode of Mighty Raju cartoon, thanks to the wonderful illustrations and the simple, conversational language.

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The beauty of the story books is that they draw inspiration from the daily life of children of today’s era, are educational all along and as expected end with a moral.

Pari has not only enjoyed reading these with me and on her own but also enjoys discussing the books and all that she learnt from them with everyone in the family.

Besides the vibrant sketches, as a parent, I couldn’t help but note the superior quality of the pages of the book that help the books stay in a condition despite repeated reading by a number of children in the family. This factor is also a huge plus for the activity books in the set. Yes, this book set isn’t limited to story books but also has thoughtfully selected activity books focussing on learning about numbers, colors, shapes, coloring, alphabets and more.

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This book set makes for a perfect companion for children during summer holidays because in the long hours when the kids are forced to stay indoors due to the heat, they can let themselves embark on the adventures of traveling without staying glued to the TV or stepping out in the sun. This book set has adventure titles that are enjoyable and also offer a chance for children to let their imaginations free, with these engrossing reads.

Let’s take a look at the titles in this series:
  1. Mighty Raju Activity Book: This activity book has been Pari’s favorite from the start. With dotted pictures waiting to be traced and colored to exercises of spotting the differences to word search to completing and coloring the pictures, this book is packed with fun, colors and opportunities to learn at every turn of the page.
  2. Learn Numbers with Mighty Raju: This book introduces children to counting, encouraging them to learn to write perfect number formations while also giving them the opportunity to learn to count objects from colorful pictures. Pari has been loving racing to count the fastest with her cousins in this book.
  3. Maths Lessons with Mighty Raju: This title is a wonderful way of helping kids do some study while having fun. This title helps the child learn number names, spell them, count objects, learn before and after numbers, draw and recognize shapes and do much more.
  4. Learn the Alphabets with Mighty Raju: Learning the alphabets with interesting rhymes and practicing formation of the alphabets of the English language in the colorful pages is a treat for young learners.
  5. Learn Colours and Shapes with Mighty Raju: This book teaches about colors and shapes while sharing interesting trivia about them, making it an exciting read for the child and parent alike.
  6. Mighty Raju Spends a Day at the Sea: This book takes little readers to spend a day by the sea, experience an adventure when there surfaces a sea monster and the adventure that follows. This book gifts the feeling of watching a Mighty Raju episode, with the joy of reading a book minus the screen time.
  7. Mighty Raju Goes to the Zoo: This book takes children on a trip to the zoo but is not limited to teaching them about what a zoo is like. Instead, the book focuses on an important lesson on how should we behave in a zoo and what all can go wrong if we don’t. In the times when a child had once fallen in the Gorilla cage (and we all know what had happened), this book makes for a good learning for young minds.
  8. Mighty Raju Goes to the Mountains: This book packs in the fun of a holiday in the mountains, skiing with friends, making snowmen while also serving a dose of adventure when our little superhero Mighty Raju steps in to save the day.
  9. My India with Mighty Raju: This is a beautiful book to briefly yet interestingly introduce children to the rich cultural heritage of India while encouraging families to explore more of India by actually visiting its length and breadth.
  10. Eating Healthy with Mighty Raju: This is a book close to my heart. I was touched by the thoughtfulness of introducing the importance of eating healthy to children, especially during the holidays. This book packs in a valuable lesson of why children must steer clear of the lure of junk food with an episode that Pari too could relate to.
  11. Mighty Raju’s Desert Adventure: This book shares a camping experience in the desert, introducing children to the life in the arid conditions with a superhero coming to rescue fun.
  12. Mighty Raju’s adventure on a Train: This is an exciting train ride with family where Mighty Raju helps fight and capture the goons.
  13. Mighty Raju at the Amusement Park: When Raju and his friends come to spend a fun-filled day at the local amusement park, amidst excitement and thrill a scary accident is prevented by Mighty Raju.
  14. Mighty Raju Goes into Space: No children’s book series is complete without an adventure in space and attack by the aliens. Pari too is always on the lookout for books on space and quite enjoyed this adventurous episode.
  15. Mighty Raju and Festivals: This book introduces young readers to the various Indian festivals in an interesting, fun way.
  16. Mighty Raju and the Karati Scare: No superhero story collection is ever complete without an episode where the villain (Karati in this case) tries to destroy the city. This book serves a generous dose of exciting turn of events on how Mighty Raju comes to the rescue, collaborating with the city police to rescue Aryanagar.

This is a balanced series, designed keeping the needs and interests of the children of today. This book is highly recommended for children of 3 to 6 years to help them learn as they come to love reading, solve puzzles and play with colors. This book series is a delight for parents and children alike and is a perfect set to savor in school holidays.

About the Book Set: 

Title –  Mighty Raju Series

Publisher – Red Turtle/ Rupa Publications
Genre – Fiction/ Children’s Books
Books in the set – 16
Price – INR 95 each (Get the best price at Amazon)

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