Letting Go #BookTalk

I spent the whole of 2016 reading more and more of non-fiction books after I'd noted the drift in my reading preferences. While I was doing well on the reading front, I was constantly curious why an increasing number of book critics and the people whom I look up to for reading recommendations were constantly …

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Moongphali by Neha Singh & Mukesh Chhabra

Detailed book review of Moongphali by Neha Singh and Mukesh Chhabra with pictures of illustrations inside. Moongphali is a witty and humorous collection of stories for children.

Mighty Raju Series of #ChildrensBooks

Summer vacations are the best times to encourage children to take up hobbies that can help mold young lives by being an amalgamation of learning and fun. Reading and indulging in activity books are just a few of them of them. Encouraging young children to read on their own needs a careful selection of books, …

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Winning Like Virat, Think & Succeed Like Kohli

I am not a Cricket fan and neither do I follow the game. This one statement has already made me stand in the 5% population of India who does not follow the one game, India follows like a religion. Anyway, this year, on the 10th anniversary of the IPL (Indian Premier League) I decided to …

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How keeping a gratitude journal can change your life for the better

What are the benefits of writing a gratitude journal? Do gratitude journals work? Read to get all your answers on the blog