The #ChildrensBooks I read this January

During the school winter vacations, I bought as many children's books as I bought other reads to last me almost the year. So you can expect a number of reviews of children's books this year because I am more excited than my daughter to read those titles and share how my child liked them. The …

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The Temple Tiger And More Man-Eaters of Kumaon

This is the second book of the three book series on man-eaters by Jim Corbett famous for hunting a large number of man-eating tigers and leopards in India. Strangely though, I chose to read only this book from the series to test waters. I picked this book on Ruskin Bond's recommendation in his book The …

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The India I Love by Ruskin Bond

Detailed book review of The India I Love by Ruskin Bond with inside pictures. Ruskin Bond finds his India wherever he goes-in field or forest, town or village, mountain or desert- and in the hearts and minds of people.

School Times

Ever since Pari stepped in school, I have been interested in reading a lot of books talking about school life to get an insight of what all goes on in the minds of young children at school, the various challenges they face and how they hope to alter their outcome. I know, I have my …

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My Favourite Nature Stories by Ruskin Bond

My Favourite Nature Stories by Ruskin Bond is a beautiful collection of author's encounters with the natural world. Read the book review with quotes on the blog.