“We are our choices.”  ~ Jean-Paul Sartre Our choices define us, guide us, break us and make us who we are. But how often do we allow our children to make their own choices? Let me begin from the time when I was a child. My parents believed they were pretty generous in letting me have …

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Small Joys

I have been gone from the blogging scene (again) for over 10 days and in these few days, not a single day passed without me wishing to publish a post or at least read my favorite blogs. But as my broadband would have it, it has been dying out on me every few minutes. Despite …

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Closure in any relationship, especially in blood relations comes after a painful journey of introspection. Read on to know what went into helping me find a closure in my relationship with my sibling.

Stepping out of the nest

I have had an over-protected childhood. One where I never had to face the hardships of life despite being born in an ordinary middle-class family. I wish to clarify that it by no means implied that I was a 'spoilt child' because I did face the struggles every Indian child faces in having things their …

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