Kerala Style Spiced Rum Fruit Cake Recipe

Kerala Style Spiced Christmas Rum Fruit Cake with the spicy goodness of the authentic Xmas treat . Find a detailed step by step recipe to soak the fruits in rum and to bake this simple, delicious, long shelf life cake for Christmas.

Homemade Chocolate Walnut Brownies

Easy delicious homemade chocolate walnut brownies recipe that win hearts with every bite. Read the detailed recipe on my blog.

Strawberry Cake

Strawberries are a delightful accompaniment with cakes. Their beautiful color and inherent sourness cuts into the sweet of a cake to add to the punch in every bite. This cake is my first experiment of adding strawberries to a cake before baking. I am proud to announce that I am absolutely in love with the …

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Apple Sharlotka

I am not a big fan of Apples. Still, most of my baking experiments have apples playing the core ingredient. I would like to believe that subconsciously, it is guided by the fact that apples happen to be Pari's favorite fruit. This particular recipe caught my fancy owing to it's extreme simplicity. Both in ingredients …

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