How to Achieve Weight Loss By Tapping Into The Power Of Your Emotions

Do you find yourself trying different weight loss programs, losing some weight and regaining it back in no time? Are you struggling with losing weight despite your best intentions? Read to know how you can change that by tapping into the power of your emotions.

Honouring Negative Emotions to Find Relief

Have you been trying to find relief from negative emotions by replacing them with positive thoughts? Read to know how you can honor your negative emotions and be motivated to create the life you love.

How I’m Melting Away My Stress With Every Step

A productive day begins by having a clear plan in place the night before. Read the article on my blog that talks about how I'm melting away my stress with each step


Last week while cleaning up the kitchen pantry, I stumbled upon a few packs of chocolate cookies that had been opened, were half finished, sitting there for over 8 months. I decided to chuck them in the bin. Pari spotted her favourite cookies on the kitchen bench, just as I was about to discard them …

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