I have on many occasions written about how I am fighting back the many odds life hurled my way. How I have been hoping to live life on my terms, how I have been thrown in the deep dark dungeons of depression from time to time, how I have been fighting back my immediate family …

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Gifts for my baby

Are you looking for the best gifts for your child? Here are the gifts every parent must gift their child. The gifts that'll make their lives happier.

All that I pray for

I am a very spiritual person though I am hardly religious. I do not strictly follow any form of praying rituals or visiting the temple, yet I do not leave any opportunity to visit a place of worship irrespective of it being a temple, church, gurdwara or mosque. When I was in school, one morning …

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Mum is getting operated tomorrow morning. Tonight's going to be a long night for me, because I am worried about mum and dad. For mum due to her pain and sickness but for dad because he is exhausted making tomorrow come soon when mum would be operated. A lot has been going on, though details …

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