Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chua: Memoir of a Strict Mom

A detailed book review of the parenting memoir of a strict mom, Battle Hymn Of The Tiger Mother by Amy Chua. Here I share the quotes and the lessons learnt from this must-read book for parents.

The Car Story- Final Part

With the year-end just around the corner, I thought it would be only wise to finish this story that I started in 2017. Please read the previous parts before proceeding. Part1, Part2 and Part3. Now that you have a grasp on what had been my driving force to learn to drive, you're in a good …

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My Daughter’s Mum: Essays by Natasha Badhwar

A detailed book review of My Daughter's Mum by Natasha Badhwar. A poignant book on parenting that isn't limited to parenthood.

7 Reasons Why You Must Read “How I Became a Tree” by Sumana Roy

Book Review of How I Became A Tree by Sumana Roy. a book that stems from author's love for trees and touches on every aspect of life with a unique perspective. Read a detailed review with pictures and quotes from the book.

At the Wedding

Fond memories of the past make up the most painful memories after a breakup. Read to know what happened at the first family wedding following my divorce.