How I Embraced Mom Guilt

Mom guilt? Every mom knows the feeling "Am I doing enough?" Get over that mom guilt, right now by stealing its power. Read on to know how I have come to embrace mom guilt and learnt to live peacefully.

Letting Go

I have written about my desire to let Pari be who she wants to be, at her own pace, at numerous places in this blog. Though lately, I have been struggling, rather battling with myself to let that happen. Failing many times. Ending up being frustrated. Feeling powerless, beaten and broken yet not clear about …

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When is it the right time to leave?

In the first episode of Satyamev Jayate, one of the participants pointed out that, "had she realised she had the strength to live life on her own earlier, she would have quit the abusive marriage long before." Be it the survivors of abuse or the advisers/counselors of the same, the suggestion of "you should have moved out …

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