I live life in a fast forward mode

We are often advised,

Live each day to the fullest.

Don’t worry about your past and don’t plan too much about your future for they both are beyond your control.

Live in the day you have in your grip and make the most of it.


I understand it all, yet fail to control my habit of worrying too much about what shall happen in the days to come.

The worry of the possible outcomes and planning for the day that I don’t even know would exist often steals the happiness I should be enjoying today.

I often wonder, future-worrying-people like me are pessimists in disguise. We are so busy throwing off all the imaginary obstacles from our path that might block our roads to a safe and smooth future that we often stumble over the pebbles life offers in day-to-day life.

It is in times like these that make me ponder,won’t I be happier if I didn’t worry so much about my future?

I try to be as optimistic as I practically can be, but still panic sets my mind on fire whenever worries of things going wrong (again pessimism takes over) slyly step in my system.

If I knew of a trick that could change the way I lived my life, I’d definitely give it a shot.

Though life can be pretty harsh sometimes. Life loves to play tricks and punish us for our behaviour choices.

The same keeps happening with me.

Just when I’d decided to stay put on my decision of enjoying the life I had at hand leaving all my worries of the future on insurance companies and the like, life threw on my face a turmoil that has left me doubting the existence of a happy and peaceful future.

If you have read my article on heartbreak you would have an idea what I am going through.

On my blog, I share how I tend to live my life in a fast forward mode. Can you relate to it or this quote? I'd love to know. Read on to know the full story. #theerailivedin #quotes #positive #quotestoliveby #inspiration

In times like this, all I am thinking about 24*7 is what shall happen next.

I am trying my best get my life-in-a-tipsy under control.

Pause the fast forward mode to live my present to the fullest, before regret and guilt paint the times to come forever.

I’m at work, but for now, nothing foreseeable is in control.

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