The Mother I Always Wanted To Be

My darling Pari,

I have often read accounts of mothers who write about imagining their role in a certain way and how different life actually turns out to be in reality. Hence, I decided to write down in advance how I always saw myself when I imagined being a mother.

I have often tried to imagine how I’d tackle the tough and tricky responsibilities of being a mother to a daughter.

I am a daughter myself and I definitely know the kind of expectations you’ll have from me from time to time. But still, when I picture you and me I often see myself playing with you in a park. Pushing you while you are enjoying swinging in a swing.

Before having kids, did you have a clear view of the kind of parent you wanted to be? I did. Read on to know the kind of mother I wanted to be, a vision that helps me in the chaos of the life of a single mom. #theerailivedin #momlife #parenting #kids #children #singlemom

Over the past few months, my mind added to my dream and gave me the clearer image of what kind of mother I want to be.

I want to be by your side, be supportive and show you the way just as a mom teaches her kid how to swing. I want you to spread your wings of imagination, curiosity and understanding life bit by bit as you grow up.

There’ll be obstacles in the way, failures to stop you, fatigue to discourage you, people to misguide you, but you have to fight the wind and fly high.

One day when you’ll be a big girl, you might not need me to push you anymore but always remember, your mom will always be with you to help you swing away to glory no matter what may come your way.

You gifted me with motherhood by staying put no matter what came our way, you fulfilled my desire to be the mother of a daughter. A gift so precious that absolutely nothing in this big world can measure up to it.

Now it’s my turn. I promise to give you the best of everything in my ability. I promise to be by your side, anytime you need me. I promise to be very patient about everything you do or have to tell me.

I’ll be your best friend. I’ll be your confidant, who promises to never judge you. I’ll give you space, I’ll let you fly free and high in the open skies.

Always remember, I’ll always be around to comfort, pamper, protect and love you. Forever.

All you’ll need is to look back, for I will always be behind you; watching you and waiting with open arms to embrace you in a warm hug anytime you need me.

I just pray that may the Almighty bless me with enough strength to be able to fulfil all the promises I made to my darling and be the mother I always wanted to be.

Loads of love and blessings,


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16 thoughts on “The Mother I Always Wanted To Be

  1. I’m totally speechless reading your posts!!! I just don’t know what to say.
    It’s great you started a blog to let out all your feelings and us blog buddies will always be on your side no matter what!

    When life’s giving you a hundred reasons to cry, you’re showing life that you have thousand reasons to smile. You’re one STRONG lady!!! I know it’s difficult but your lil’ princess will make you proud! 🙂

    How old is she now? And soooooper tight {{{HUGS}}} to you!!!


  2. Beautiful thoughts and your baby is lucky to have you as a mom,you make a wonderful mom dear.LOVED the way you wrote to your baby.Hugs to the little girl and to her mom….

    Me too had a difficult pregnancy with high blood pressure and was operated much before the due date.My baby is now 4 years….


  3. Era, your letters to Pari are so touching. I can’t stop imaging how Pari would feel when she reads these letters once she grows up. They would be her treasures and she would brim with pride at her mother’s strength and unconditional love for her.

    Hugs to you.


  4. All you’ll need is to look back, for I will always be behind you; watching you and waiting with open arms to embrace you in a warm hug anytime you need me.

    touched me


  5. This is such a beautiful post,Era. I am at a stage where I really don’t understand all aspects of what motherhood means to me and have a million doubts about whether I have the capacity to offer unconditional love to another human being. Only time will tell, i guess.


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