Scary Sixes

You must have often heard and read about the parenting milestone, terrible twos. Two as in two years of age. But have you ever heard of a Scary six? Six as in six months. Neither had I till I experienced it recently.

Pari has been showing signs of extreme naughtiness from quite sometime. But aren’t all kids naughty? off-course they are. That’s what my mind always tells me and I stay calm and composed. But things have taken a sudden twist since past one week.

Let’s start with early morning, say 5 a.m.

I have a habit of waking up around that time without any alarm. I wake up, check on Pari (though she sleeps besides me, but in a different blanket) and adjust her blanket, et all. But now this doesn’t happen. Last Saturday, like everyday I woke up at around the same time. I opened my eyes and hardly an inch from my nose I saw two eyes shining bright and fully awake watching me sleep. I swallowed the scream that rose in my throat and got wondering, why is Pari awake and not making any sound?

Now this has somehow become a routine. Whenever I wake up in the morning, I see her looking at me lovingly as if I am the baby and she the mum.

I am a very good whistler (I can even whistle songs without getting exhausted). I sometimes try my whistling skills on lullabies Pari loves. The outcome, you can see her trying to whistle every now and then. Since whistling isn’t possible for her at this age, the outcome is spray of saliva (read spitting) at times and at the rest, blowing cool air on my face, hair, hands and basically everywhere.

If you are still wondering why I called it the scary sixes. The reason is here.

As per the pediatrician’s instructions I’ve recently started semi-solids for her in addition to milk. Her attempts to whistle or blow air sometimes result in my face being splashed with milk. She seems to be taking care of my skin in winters with a spray of milk at least once a day.

Leave her alone in the room with her Pinky bunny and other toys and go ahead with the daily chores like cooking, cleaning etc. Basically anything that takes longer than ten minutes (that’s the grace period) and you will hear blood curdling screams. At first, I used to get very scared and would race the very second to check what’s wrong. The minute she’ll spot me, there you see the sweetest smile you’ve ever seen with arms wide stretched saying, pick me up!

It takes me a while to explain it’s nothing to worry, she just needs company to everyone who visits us, for the scary ways Pari screams.

Her attention seeking tricks don’t end at that. She loves coughing fake (like Madhuri Dixit of HAHK) to draw attention. It happens most often when I am near her and not paying attention/playing with her. The best example being when I am busy with the laptop. The funny part of this trick is, she thinks everyone who coughs does it with the same intention as her. That knowledge is often used by me for my own good.

I regularly clip her nails. But, when she is in mood of loving you extra, get ready to be scratched and poked ( in the eye, if you aren’t careful).

I know there is still time before the first pearl err…I mean the first tooth will erupt. But I guess she has started to itch a little in her gums. The outcome, she tries to bite everything she gets hold of. Among the favorites is mum’s index and little finger. She’s got a teether too , but to make her bite on it you have to hold the teether for her. If you give it to her, she’ll start playing with it and refuses to chew it.

Besides scaring me and keeping me on my toes, her singing and dancing is on full swing.

So all new mums, get ready to welcome this sweet milestone that’ll prepare you well for the extreme naughtiness on its way in the days to come.

The song on my mind:

18 thoughts on “Scary Sixes

  1. Aww..that’s very cute of Pari to watch over you while you were sleeping, and moisturizing your skin 😉
    The attention seeking habit grows in about 4-6 months time I guess! I’ve seen the kids of this group doing all different things to grab the attention of their mum! When pari grows up, she can read through all these posts 🙂


  2. Simply beautiful! You made me go to past tense and rejoice my kids’ antics(I sound like an old mom here lol). I love the part where Pari wants you to hold the teether for her. She seems so precious:-)
    And wow on your whistling skill..I can’t whistle for more than three seconds.
    I also have to mention how much I love your “song on your mind” thing. It makes me nostalgic to replay those melodies.


  3. ha ha ha..she is cute…I was remembering munchkin’s actions around 6 months….you know these babies are champs in getting hook or fake crying or coughing..they know how to call their mum….

    they know very well to play their cuteness factor…enjoy all these moments 🙂
    sending hugs for pari..


  4. Awwww! Total kala tikka post…even R was like this…blood curling scream when no one is around 🙂

    and oh! Pari is very sweet okie..getting up and not disturbing …R would scream her head off *Rolls eyes*


  5. “Whenever I wake up in the morning, I see her looking at me lovingly as if I am the baby and she the mum.”
    How sweet is that 🙂 … and so nicely captured on your blog…
    Enjoy these beautiful moments with her, ME… they grow up very fast.


  6. Aww this is such an oh-so-adorable post! And Pari seems to be in a phase where anything and everything around her seems to catch her fancy, right..must be such a joy to watch her! God bless the budding li’l ‘whistler 🙂

    Beautiful post!


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