In the spotlight

My darling Pari,

There were times when you were very young and all those times any attempts to take your pictures would either scare you or startle you enough to forget smiling and give a surprised look. You have grown and so has your understanding of all the things around you. You were, are and will always be my super-star, but somehow you’ve started getting the feeling of this fact and showing signs of a super-star in the making.

Whenever I now ask you to smile or pose in front of the camera, you know you’ve got to be at your cutest best, and on 98% times I am now able to capture you with a wide gummy grin and those eyes twinkling with mischief. Gone are the days when taking pictures would tire me in attempt to capture you looking chirpy. The best part being the pictures these days look natural shots as if taken by a professional (well seeing to my extreme lack-of-photography-skills).

Your next step towards stardom was falling in love with yourself. Every time you and I are in front of the mirror, I can see you get real excited. You’ll stop crying or being moody if you are in front of the mirror. You try to catch a glimpse of yourself whenever a mirror is nearby.

Your attention seeking acts are at its all-time peak, with regular fake coughs to throwing toys on the floor to screaming and singing. The newest being, whenever someone does anything that you don’t like or if I am too busy to pay much attention to you, you’ll close your lips tight and start buzzing in anger, causing your face to go red and eventually blackish blue. I know you try to scare me with those attempts, and trust me sweetheart, your acts are a complete success.

I can see you more interested in what I am doing than where your cute soft toys are. I can say you have very less interest in toys so far. I am yet to explore what will be the toy that’ll get you go crazy for it. There have been favorites but you’ve moved on real quick.

In the meantime, continue playing and chewing your teethers while we all wait for your first tooth to erupt.

Loads of kisses to my superstar,


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20 thoughts on “In the spotlight

  1. That would be just the same I would have wanted to write to my Pari when she was much younger.Loved the post.Oh Era,am so much in love with this post


  2. you know when my son was young.. i would be able to click a lot of pictures… and they used to come quite well… but off late… last 2 years… he is now about to turn 8… the moment he sees a camera.. he knows his pic is to be clicked and he becomes so conscious and can never naturally smile… 😛 We infact have to tell him all the time you just forget the camera is there…be yourself… !!! but alas !!!! 😛 😛 😛

    totally different story here ! 🙂


    1. Hitchy…

      As a child of that age, I never really liked posing for pics. I realised that I prefer being BEHIND the camera… and that stays till this day. Hriday is developing his likes n choices now… 🙂


      1. That’s a very interesting point Ashwathy….maybe that’s why it’s said; you need to step into the baby’s shoes to get a better understanding of his actions and thinking process.


  3. Looks like, she already knows how to win hearts..a very sweet post.
    Do capture all you can, there will be a time when she won’t let you.. 🙂


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