The past 48 hours have been very painful but there is joy of a new bonding to allay the pain.

It started on Monday evening when I was having dinner. Pari let out a loud scream followed by uncontrollable sobbing. The sobbing and crying continued for a good thirty minutes (which is very unusual, for I had never seen Pari cry for longer than ten minutes).

At first I thought maybe she had a scary dream and is scared, that happens every now and then. But this was different, for no-matter what we tried she refused to calm down. I am well aware that her first teeth are expected to erupt anytime, for she is often chewing of the teether frantically with excessive drooling. The crying and wailing stopped after a while and we all thought, she’s soon going to be fine once she has her feed and goes off to sleep.

Pari had other plans. She soon started crying even louder than before and wouldn’t eat or drink anything. Soon, it followed a pattern, she would stop crying if I would carry her and walk around but the minute I’ll try to put her to bed or try to make myself comfortable in a chair or anywhere for that matter, she’ll start crying again. This continued for around two and a half hours when she and I both got exhausted. She was tired and hungry and I was tired and bit sleepy.

Then came the recharge moment. Pari decided to feed (to regain energy to continue the above mentioned for the whole night) and once fully fed she started clinging to me in a very different from usual manner. Generally, she happily hops in the lap of her Nana or Nani anytime but from that moment, she doesn’t want to go away from me for longer than five minutes. At that point of time, I felt she was tired and scared (after a scary dream) and maybe even sore cause of the teething. But, her being clingy has only grown in the past 48 hours.

Crying all night in the freezing temperatures resulted in a clogged nose which has flared up into a full-fledged upper respiratory tract infection and clinging to me has gifted me the same infection. Still there is a feeling of contentment as if I have found something very fulfilling despite the very crazy, cranky and painful moments. It’s the joy of bonding like never before. Something many mothers feel right in the start of their motherhood, but it had delayed for me cause of countless issues. Prime being my critical health, very bad emotional state and to top it all a fractured right hand.

Things have taken time, but my moment of bonding with my little princess came with a gush of common cold and her teething troubles. I sometimes feel, God has a way of balancing life’s difficulties with little, priceless joys. Such beautiful moments only reinforce my belief that life on its own isn’t unfair, it follows its own pace but rewards everyone with a beautiful surprise every now and then. All we need to do is to keep ourselves and our eyes open, so that when that beautiful surprise happens, we can live it to the fullest.

My share of surprises didn’t end at that. Around midnight when I was drowsy and Pari snoring in my arms, I woke up startled as if I heard Pari say, Mumma. I know I must be dreaming and I brushed off the thought with a smile. But the next day, it happened again. This time, my mum was playing with Pari while I was busy in the kitchen, when Pari actually uttered ‘Mumma’.

Me and mum were grinning wide, for we both knew it was by fluke (for I literally keep telling Pari to say ‘Mumma’ almost all the time and then no kids in the entire length and breadth of our family has started speaking at six months). To confirm, I started asking Pari to say ‘Mumma’ once again, but it didn’t happen till last night. We were all watching TV including Pari. Just when I decided to turn on my laptop. That was the trigger, and she said it again.

I am very well aware that Pari dislikes my spending time with the laptop especially when she is awake and in my proximity. But I have been trying to get her to speak, ‘Mumma’ since morning fiddling with my laptop. The outcome, with the severe cold, runny nose and accompanying crankiness, she is only getting crankier seeing me with the laptop and has forgotten all about trying to utter what I want her to.

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31 thoughts on “Bonding

  1. I hope both of you feel better soon..

    and yayy for saying “mumma”…..I can imagine your happiness…these words are like music to ears 🙂

    take care


  2. Wow! The first magical words! It’s such a pleasure to her them utter the first word! ohhh..i’m so happy for you! And the words you’ve written “Things have taken time…” – that entire paragraph is so true and direct from your heart! Just loved reading them again and again, and trust me, it gave me lot of encouragement and motivation that I needed!!


  3. Awww poor baby….I hope she gets that tooth soon

    and hugs hugs and more hugs on the ‘mumma’ part….loved loved loved reading about it..its a different feeling na


  4. So how is the Mumma feeling right now…and how is our nanhi Pari bitiya:)
    I agree with you…life isn’t unfair:)
    take care of ur health….
    A BIG BEAR HUG….to both of u..:)


        1. I am much better now though my daughter still has a runny nose…but she too is better than before 😀
          Thank you very much for asking and checking on us 🙂


  5. It’s always in sickness that I find my greatest mommy strength – and the best bonding moments. Hope you’re feeling better and growing that bond even stronger.


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