Poori stuffed with Paneer

I am a die-hard foodie. I love food and like to experiment in the kitchen. I love cooking more than eating. The outcome, I try to cook every tasty-looking recipe I get hold of.

I have a strong fascination with trying to cook every yummy dish I taste outside the home. Be it at a friend’s place or in a marriage ceremony or even a restaurant, if I enjoy a dish, I’ll try to cook it myself within the next week itself.

As for the recipe, the Internet is my best buddy.

If you are wondering why would I spend so much energy to try to cook it myself when I can eat it anytime in the restaurant, well that’s the mindset of a food-lover and it has to be as soon as possible to avoid forgetting the taste.

I do a fair bit of cooking from the blog-posts I read, but have never written about it earlier on my blog, cause of one small reason. I can never remember to click pictures and if someday I do remember, I do not have the patience to plate up well for a photogenic shot. Recently Seema asked me to try to remember taking pictures while cooking and today I finally did while trying a very simple yet yummy recipe I learnt from Ani’s blog.

Poori stuffed with Paneer.

Everything is same as we make poori out of wheat flour, except that it has a filling of grated paneer.

For the filling I added the following to grated paneer:

  • Salt , red chili powder, turmeric powder, chat masala (I used the Everest Chat Masala),toasted and ground cumin seed powder, garam masala powder.
  • Finely chopped green chilli
  • Finely chopped Coriander/Cilantro

I clicked some pictures with my mobile, please ignore the quality of the shots and don’t be disappointed by the appearance of my pooris, for they actually taste yummy.

Add salt to taste and knead the dough for poori. Allow it to rest for a while before making pooris.
Grated Paneer
Grated Paneer mixed with the spices, green chili & chopped coriander
Rolled out dough ball with the paneer stuffing.
The stuffing filled dough was sealed from all sides, sealed to make a stuffed ball and rolled out to make pooris
The yummy pooris. (Though I wanted to take pictures of the first few but they were attacked on by hungry people and so i finally took a picture of the last few left)

P.S.- Besides paneer, pooris with a stuffing of masala peas also taste yummy.

For more recipes from my kitchen, visit my food corner.

49 thoughts on “Poori stuffed with Paneer

  1. Yummy looking paneer puri.

    Me too try to make the dish which i eat at the hotel or at any functions.Me too browse net for the recipes or dig into my book which i am maintaining since many years.


  2. wooooo hoooooo… you tried the recipe? I am happy and glad that you enjoyed it.. keep posting more foodie items that you try so we can also try them.. happy eating 🙂
    the pics look good so remember to click them next time..


  3. Even i love any food that is tasty and delicious. I am not so good at cooking, but if i like something very much and its easy i wouldn’t mind having a battle in the kitchen :). And your paneer poori looks so very yummy.


    1. Many a battles in the kitchen are worth the fight even if lost once in a while 😀
      Do try these very simple pooris..very easy to make and yummy to eat 😀


  4. Yayayay Era! Drooling over the pooris here. I too was tempted by Ani’s post and made Green Peas stuffed Pooris on last Thursday itself 🙂

    Here’s to many more dishes from you! You could make a separate page to document all your culinary accounts.

    Do visit my food blog if you find time. Here’s the link: http://amchi-bong-konnexion.blogspot.com


    1. The credit of making this post possible goes entirely to you…but now am all charged up to remember taking more pictures while in kitchen 😀
      Hoping over to your food blog right away 😀


  5. Those puris sure look very yummy. Paneer parathas are a big hit at our home. Haven’t tried the puris though. Your post has tempted me to try making these puris as well 🙂


  6. Era, my mouth is watering :(.
    I am a die-hard fan or Paneer and Poori.
    Imagine my plight now, I saw these wonderful pics and I have to eat the dreaded mess food!!
    Not fair. Wahhhh 😦


    1. Ah! the mess food…I’ve got memories of those golden days so I know exactly what you mean….but you can definitely try the paneer paranthas sometime soon 😀


  7. Wow! Good to see a food-related post! 🙂
    The pooris sure look yummy. My mom makes paneer parathas the same way – she uses the same panner stuffing for parathas, so that we consume less oil that way.


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