It’s one of those beautiful milestones of growing up, when Pari tries to copy everyone she comes across. Be it in actions or in sounds you can see her trying her best to imitate to perfection.

She started babbling a while ago and her “ta-ta-da-da-pa-pa” keeps us entertained the whole day.Besides occasional maa-mumma nothing else makes much sense at the moment. The most impressive bit of it being she tries to imitate every sound with these limited syllables yet quite successfully produces similar sounds as the spoken words.

Her singing and rocking has taken a new turn to love for dancing. All she needs is a tune. Be it the alarm of a clock or the tune on the radio, humming of her grandma or mum or any music on the TV (even from advertisements) and you can see her swinging her neck, arms and feet with joy. Though she can’t stand yet, but she loves dancing away while sitting besides squirming in bed while lying down.

Seeing her love for singing and dancing, I have decided to let her get expert training in these once she grows up to take lessons for the same. As far dancing, I can’t even take a turn gracefully to be qualified as a dance step let alone casual dancing. But, seeing Pari dance, somewhere inside my ignorant-to-dancing-mind has kindled the spark to learn to dance to be able to dance with Pari when she grows up. I know, it’s one of those million things I want to learn with Pari, but how many I will actually learn, is indeed a mystery for the time being.

Despite all the drama and chaos in my life, I am happy to state that these have been the fastest spent eight months of my life. May be it was the excitement to waking up to a new milestone as a parent every day that makes me feel so, or the time just slipped past in the many things I was busy in, to keep track of the time.

As of now, Pari has a clear inclination towards savory foods as against the usual love for sweets seen in babies.She loves rice over wheat and is slowly growing up to be very picky about what she wants to eat or drink and when. If this is the sign of a fussy eater in the making, let me resolve to learn to cook many more different foods to keep her full and pleased at all times.

Pari peculiarly uses her legs as hands. I mean, she tries to do everything with all fours with same efficiency, though she fails at holding things with her feet, but nevertheless she does give that a shot too.If she can’t reach anything with her hands, she uses her legs in the same manner to get the object she wants. Is it a soccer player in the making?

It’s getting very hard to keep things out of her clutches if they happen to be within her reach. She gets very cranky and angry the minute I try to act smart, distract her and take from her the thing she has in her grip. I even get punished for doing so, by none other than Pari herself.

Picture this. Pari is sitting on the bed and dancing to the tunes of music playing on TV. Just then she spots me trying to take a picture with my mobile. She wants the mobile right then. If the mobile isn’t given to her at the count of three in her mind, you’ve got yourself in a difficult situation with a cranky baby, tears in her eyes and she’ll twist and turn hitting everything near her to show her protest.If I don’t give her the desired object and try to pacify her by picking her up, you’ll see her reaching out for my face lovingly in no time. But, that isn’t out of love for in next nano-second the loving touch changes to a merciless scratch-mum’s-face session. If I try to keep my face away she gets hold of my hair or else will begin crying.

It’s a very difficult situation on many occasions, but at the moment distraction seems to be working fine. Though I am not very sure for how long I’ll be able to divert her attention to protect her from demanding things that aren’t safe to play with. It’s a tough call, but I am learning.

She now literally refuses to get out of the bath tub. She loves splashing in water and playing with the bath toys that it takes me a lot of effort to get her out of water. If only the weather gets a bit warmer then I won’t worry so much about leaving her in water for longer, but till then sweetie you’ll have to listen to mum.

Last but not the least the topic I worry most about. Putting Pari to sleep. She is a light sleeper and wakes up at the drop of a coin. She refuses to go off to sleep till very late at night (on most nights till one or two at night) even when she can barely keep her eyes open. The outcome, the cheerful, chirpy baby of the day-time turns into a cranky, cry baby at night. I am just hoping that once her physical activity increases and she’ll start getting more tired maybe she’ll sleep easily as against now.

I love the challenges motherhood throws my way every day, for it keeps me fully occupied to keep me entertained and learning new lessons endlessly.

The song on my mind: Chanda mama door ke

28 thoughts on “Babble

  1. 🙂 lovely update.. the hair pulling and face scratching are milestones of motherhood 🙂
    the one I have experienced is the hurt in lips.. when I hold Adi between my legs and try to make her walk or do something else she would jump high and hit straight on my chin.. the ripple effect it will either hurt my tongue or lips.. I never learned from it though.. My lips were mostly bulged till Adi tuned 2 or so 🙂
    don’t worry about the sleeping pattern.. it will constantly change.. hugs


    1. I’ll keep your experience in mind once Pari starts walking….for at the moment I am struggling with her habit of scratching and pulling hair big time!
      Hugs Ani


  2. I so pictured it in my mind pari dancing for the advt,kids love the jingle which comes before the start of serials no.

    She is just 8 months old no not yet got accustomed to day and night may be,she will slowly learn to sleep early and get up early.Once she is on her own,she will get tired and will sleep off early…


    1. She does get up early but is very difficult to put to sleep…I am hoping her sleeping pattern to change with advent of summers 🙂
      You are right, it sounds so funny to see her dance to advertisement jingles 😀


  3. Pari is so cute! This is the best phase! They are so incredibly cute, so eager to pick up things, do more than they can, their personalities start to shine through 🙂

    Don’t worry about her sleep – it will get better as her activities increase.


    1. So true Smitha, it’s a beautiful feeling seeing her take decisions on her own and go by her instincts on more and more occasions 😀
      I too am hoping the same about her sleep pattern 🙂


  4. Beautiful post ME, motherhood does throw challenges to us, we make mistakes, learn from it and then become expert..Good luck with all your challenges 🙂

    Pari is getting into a wonderful stage and you will enjoy more and more..I am telling you between 9months to 3years, every day will be like a new day with new experiences and it own challenges..But I am sure you and Pari will have great time ahead..


  5. Bikram

    puye pakaye boor gaye aap khao thali main PARI ko do pyali main 🙂

    aww blesss the little one so very much lots of hugs and love her way ..


  6. I can totally understand how wonderful it must be for parents to watch their children grow up and reach different milestones. It just makes me smile every time mom talks about our childhood and remembers all the small details.


  7. ME – I felt so happy reading through this post… I kept imagining Pari doing everything that you have put up here and it automatically brought in a smile on my face 🙂

    Pari – keep your mom entertained with so much fun 🙂 Keep doing more things! I would love to see you babble 🙂 kisses to you!!


  8. Ah! She loves water? Be very careful, once she begins to walk more troubles start 😀 And give her warm milk when you want her to sleep and you know her eyes are drooping. That has mostly worked with Chutku -so just a suggestion…


    1. My mum too suggests the same but she refuses to eat/drink anything during those cranky moments making her get more upset cause of sleep+hunger 😥 😥
      I’ll surely take care of her around water…thank you for the tip LLT 🙂


  9. The twists n turns n travails of new motherhood 🙂
    You’ve got one spoilt princess in the making, considering her desire to have what she wants, right here, right now! 😀 Good luck! 😉


  10. garima

    Awww thats such a cute post.
    Loads of love to Pari.
    She loves singing and dancing and uses her foot more.An artist and a sportsperson in making 🙂


  11. enjoyed every word of ur post… 😀

    even Mishti does not like sweet food…..see what irony ….Mishti = sweet in Bong!!

    BTW my nokia phone is Mishti fav teether…see these kidz are already so gadget freak 🙂


    1. I know, my laptop is her target the minute she spots it and like you said the phone makes the best teether 😆 😆
      Am glad to have someone who is experiencing similar things as me 😀 😀


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