It was seven in the morning. Mum was busy tidying up the house and running around to finish the morning chores. I can never understand the fuss, I like my mornings calm and chirpy (yeah with beautiful sparrows, pigeons and peacocks singing good morning to me).

Thoughts like cleaning up, arranging toys and getting every cloth (bed-sheets, bed-covers, table cloths, laundry) crease free, preparing breakfast, etc. are many light years away from my little carefree mind. I was busy soaking in the fresh morning breeze, listening to woof-woof* chase away the pigeons sitting on the ground. Just when I spotted something exciting.

Little wonders of the world excite me. Be it the irregular bits of paper that make me wonder what they resemble to cob-webs in the corners by the window (though they are a very rare occurring seeing to my mum’s craze for cleaning) or even the little feathers of sparrows, I find them all amusing enough to give out a loud squeal in joy.

But, this was something very different. Unlike my mum who goes by her sense of smell, I believe in my sense of touch and taste the most. I see mum doing so many experiments in the kitchen and while I watch her, she makes me taste all most of her ingredients. This is how I have come to believe that tasting things is the way to go.

I love tasting things to remember and recognize flavors and to give them a memorable place in my mind. I decided to do just that with my new-found treasure.

It had an unusual appearance and I am quite confident I had seen it for the first time. I looked at it for a long minute and then decided to taste it. I had hardly placed it on my tongue when something tickled my throat and I gagged and got nauseous.

I panicked and so did mum on hearing me make uncomfortable sounds. She flew raced to be by my side and checked my mouth. I knew something was wrong for she gave out a loud scream and my grandma came running. Before I could understand what they were doing a sudden urge to throw up gripped me and there came the exotic food I had hardly tasted.

My mum looked very worried and was busy checking my hands and my mouth for any remains of the item I had tried to eat. Just then I heard my grandpa exclaim that his grand-daughter (that’s me) was indeed an IPL fan for she had tried to eat (a) Cricket.

Note to mum: C’mon mum I too want to be a good cook like you, if you’ll worry so much for all I taste and eat how will I ever fulfill my dream?

*woof-woof = blog name of our pet dog

The song on my mind: Poocho na yaar kya hua ~ Zamane ko dikhana hai

59 thoughts on “Exotic

  1. oh dear! 🙂 I can say that I totally understand your mom’s reaction, Pari dear 🙂

    Hugs, darling, and do try to taste only what mummy makes for you 🙂 Cricket is nicer on the telly 🙂


    1. Scary indeed but we all actually have been giggling at her naughtiness and I keep teasing her whenever I show her any of the insects in the garden (after the incident) 🙂


    1. We’ve got a big garden Ani and it has been raining on and off in the past few days, so many bugs find their way by the doors and windows and she managed to spot a dead cricket and ate it. I am glad she couldn’t swallow it.
      Yeah, she is fine, nothing to worry as such but I have been keeping an eye on her like paranoid ever since this happened.


  2. ME, come to our place once! we have so many birds chirping in our patio and by our bedroom window! And no morning hustle bustle. Both me and husband are super lazy and spend so much time feeding the birds 😀
    btw, you ate a cricket 😮


    1. I didn’t eat the Cricket, it was my daughter who did 🙂
      As far birds in the patio, we too have plenty of them, and my daughter wakes up early just to be able to watch them and hear them sing and dance 😀


    1. She isn’t brave aame, just tries to put anything she can get hold of in her mouth. I am waiting for the day when she’ll start recognizing things and bugs 😀


  3. Smita

    Oh my god! It must have been totally scary!!! Just last Sunday my brat had swallowed the seed of a cherry and we were so worried but ewww! she ate a cricket! Glad she threw up immediately!!!
    Seriously we need to be so very cautious with Kids! but kutna dekho in a fraction of second they gobble up anything!


  4. Call me dumb ME, I thought this was your deed. Then I thought – surely not. I went through the post again and saw the category, then tube light flickered on my mind that this is Pari’s kaarnama 😆

    But this is so scary dear, monsoon brings all sorts of insects and flies into the home. Good that you were there at the nick of the time 😐

    Pari would love our neighbourhood if she loves the nature and its sounds. You both are welcome any time 🙂


    1. I am touched by your thought that your mind refused to believe that it was me who ate the cricket 😀 😀 😀
      Thank you for the warm invitation Visha, I am sure Pari would love to drop by 😉 😀


  5. Goodness, girl, you tasted an insect..hope you are fine, darling! I can so understand your curious little mind that asks you to pick every sundry thing you spot and put it in your mouth, yet be careful of what you take in, sweetheart! Take care! 🙂


    1. I was just trying to find out what the crunchy looking thing was 😦 though I’ll be more careful in the future ( that mum doesn’t come to know 😉 😉 )


  6. Hahah took me a moment to figure out who is the protagonist of the story 😀

    Thank goodness the cricket was thrown back up by the stomach that refused to digest it!


    1. not sure about her but this incident definitely etched a memorable place in my mind 😀 😀
      She’s fine …just busy looking for more exotic foods 😀


  7. Very very cute post, though I understand how scary it would have gotten for you. 🙂

    It took me a couple of minutes to understand that it was Pari who was writing this letter. 😀 I thought it was about you.


    1. I was screaming like a paranoid when I spotted what she had eaten this time. As if paper, cobwebs, bangles etc. weren’t enough 😦
      I am glad it made you smile 😀


    1. There are plenty of insects and bugs in our garden and since it had rained on a few nights, there were always a few crickets et.c sitting by the door sil or the windows so Pari got hold of a dead cricket (am glad it wasn’t alive 😉 )
      Yup she’s fine, busy looking for more exciting items to taste 😉 😆


      1. My amma loves gardening. For her, a house is not complete without a garden. But unfortunately we don’t have one now. Long back, the house we stayed had a huge garden.. amma used to collect hibiscus flowers , dry them and make powder and give it to me.. The mention of garden brought back so many memories!! 🙂


  8. That reminds me to check what my little monster has got inside her this time.. but daughter is very honest most of the times.She puts a lotta hings inside her little mouth and comes and admits that she did..some sort of precaution….


  9. That was a damn cute post…… reminded me of my childhood when I used to eat ants and mud.

    Choooochweet….hugs to Pari…..and a huge same pinch 😉


  10. when you write such cute posts on your daughter,I really feel like seeing her,by the way if its any consolation mine ate a cockroach when she was 1-1/2yrs!!yuck!


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