We are one

My darling Pari,

Within minutes, the clock will strike twelve and we will turn one year old. I can feel my heart beating loud in my ears, just the way I had felt a year ago. You were born and I was re-born on this day, this makes us both one year old.

They say time flies, but for us that wasn’t the case. The good thing being, though slowed, but time decided to move on. An important lesson we both need to learn on this special day.

I had so many thoughts bubbling in my mind that I wanted to put down in this letter, but the only thing ringing in my mind now is your birthday cake.

Please don’t give that kind of shocked look. I know it sounds crazy, but yes, that is all I can think of because I have been working on it from past two weeks (as in researching which cake to bake) and have spent the entire evening today bringing all my thoughts together in the form of the cake of the BIG day!

Though I can’t wait for the moment when we’ll cut the cake to see how my efforts have fared, but let me assure you I have tried to put all my prayers, my dreams and wishes for you in this cake. You’ll understand it better once you have a look at it.

Wow! my little princess is now a big girl, who’ll begin running around in no time. As realization of this fact is gradually sinking in, I am beginning to wonder how I managed this one year of massive responsibility with all the clutter and chaos in our lives. It wouldn’t have been possible without the prayers and constant support of the people in our life.

As I pray to thank the supreme power for blessing us with this beautiful day in our lives, I pray for everyone part of our life (be it close or far) to stay happy, healthy and peaceful forever.

With lots of love and blessings my darling, a very Happy Birthday to you.


P.S. – This letter was actually written on Pari’s birthday eve.

The song on my mind: Bar bar ye din aaye ~Farz

62 thoughts on “We are one

  1. So Pari is already one year old! 🙂 A very very Happy B’day to the dear little princess 🙂 Wishing her a very happy and healthy life surrounded by loved ones 🙂
    P.S. Do we get to see the B’day cake? 🙂


    1. When i started reading I thought did i wish too early 🙂 but then the last line made me have a relief ..

      lots of love and wishes to dear pari and what a beautiful song..

      Happy birthday to PARI…


  2. In advance, Happy birthday to darling Pari… And I am eagerly waiting for the cake pics… Though I won’t be able to see her but my wishes are with her forever…


  3. Wish Pari a very Happy Birthday! And Wish you a very happy Rebirthday! Wish you both lots of joy, good health and loads of happiness from us..you deserve it!


  4. Oh and we want to know all about the fun you guys had on Pari’s big day. (also abt the big suspense–cake):) is a post on its way? 😀


  5. Awwww… so sweet.

    Many Many happy returns of the day to A sweet Princess – Pari ❤

    May you always be blessed in the rain of love and laughter – today, tomorrow and always!

    May all your dreams come true – AMEN


  6. Happy B’day Pari Darling…lotz of hugs & Kissie to you…May GOD fulfil all your aspirations & dreams ( i know it is too early for dreaming big!!!)….wish you all the happiness & good health dear.

    ME…even my best wishes are with you as well on your ‘Rebirth Day’…Be as strong as you are….GOD bless u ..Hugs

    Be prepared for running around after the li’l lady…. 🙂


  7. I am really waiting to hear about the cake from Pari 🙂 and that day is not far off with all her variegated and reduplicative babbling and cooing and gooing – ME !You are just having a wonderful stage with Pari, aren’t you? 🙂
    Happy b’day my darling Pari 🙂 and oh, yes, a big hug to the best mum she could have ever had 🙂


  8. Happy birthday to Pari and congratulations to you! It’s indeed a big milestone and this entire year has been such a journey for you both. Lots of blessing for both you and your little girl.

    Post a pic of the cake! Go ahead, make us drool.


  9. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear Pari, happy happy birthday to you :):)

    Errr..ask mama to show us a picture of your cake okie 🙂

    Muah and big hugs from this masi 🙂


  10. The one thing which I want to know – Which cake did you bake?? Did you take any pics or did it go swaha the moment you went to fetch the camera 😛


    1. I was scared of you that’s why took pics as soon as I got the first opportunity 😛 though moments later there was a baby who almost dived on the cake and decided to eat it for (as) dinner too 😆

      Details coming shortly 😀


  11. Beautiful, beautiful letter, ME. 🙂 Very touching.
    Wow! Pari is so lucky that her momma is going to personally bake her a cake on her birthday! 😀

    When was the big day? Wish her many many happy returns of the day! 🙂


  12. garima

    A very happy birthday dear Pari.
    May God give you loads of happiness and good health.
    And may you become more naughty little angel 🙂

    Where are the pics..I want to see cake ka pic plss.


  13. Happy birthday dear lil Pari.
    ME, Very touching letter. Pari is blessed to have you as her mother.
    I am sure the cake must be the bestest :). Please upload the cake pics if possible.


    1. I know….I have been under so much pressure to remember to take pics and to even post them with recipe ASAP else my mailbox would have exploded 😆 😆


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